Single Connected Solution

By on Jun 23, 2021 in Senior Living

As COVID-19 continues to affect senior living communities, providers are challenged with finding solutions to meet the needs of residents, families and staff. Mainly, the pandemic’s restrictions on normal operations leave senior living providers in need of new systems and strategies.

So which solutions are important, now more than ever? For senior living providers and other healthcare leaders, implementing a software solution may have the greatest impact. According to Ziegler’s research, the pandemic is one factor that’s accelerated the adoption of tech-enabled solutions across the healthcare industry — like never before. The research reveals the considerable benefits of utilizing software tools as the world changes.

With that, incorporating an effective software solution is key for senior living providers in streamlining operations, increasing resident satisfaction, delivering quality care and the list goes on.

Choosing a single connected solution

Not just any software solution is beneficial. To meet the needs of their communities — especially as the pandemic shifts — providers need a full suite of tools that are mobile, intuitive and efficient.

Ziegler’s white paper notes the importance of choosing a single connected solution to stay ahead of the curve. Describing the ever-changing effects of COVID-19 and other factors, they explain that “providers need a full suite of patient access solutions and virtual care functionality, as well as further tech-enabled automation of workflows.”

For senior living operators, this means having tech-enabled tools in place to benefit residents, families, care staff and leaders — tools that unite on a single platform.

That’s where the Yardi Senior Living Suite comes in. As a single connected solution that eliminates the gap between senior living property management and clinical services, the Senior Living Suite gives providers everything they need to manage their communities. The key differentiator? The union of property management, finance, marketing, business intelligence and resident care on a single platform.

At a glance, here are 5 ways the Senior Living Suite can make a difference: 

  • Combine property management, finance and business oversight for improved efficiency, reduced costs and responsive resident services with a comprehensive management tool, Yardi Voyager Senior Housing
  • Keep residents and families connected through a secure online portal, RentCafe Senior Living
  • Make smarter, faster decisions with actionable information for your entire portfolio through Senior IQ, a business intelligence solution for senior living
  • Keep health records error free, limit liability and empower staff to deliver the best resident care with Yardi EHR, a full-service electronic health record solution  
  • Attract new residents, nurture your leads and increase resident retention with RentCafe Senior CRM, a mobile-friendly sales and marketing solution

Ultimately, there’s no denying the importance of software solutions for businesses — especially those that provide interconnected tools. This holds true for the senior living industry, both through the pandemic and beyond.

Still curious about how a single connected solution can transform your business and care services? Explore the Yardi Senior Living Suite and watch this video to learn more.