• YASC Global

    The Yardi Advanced Solutions Conference (YASC) offers an inside look at real estate software innovations that can help your business thrive amid current and emerging challenges.

The most recent presentation of YASC Global happened in May. More than 17,000 participants from 64 countries collectively viewed 60,000 classes that addressed Yardi’s ongoing incorporation of client feedback and industry trends into new product suites for commercial, residential, investment management and other real estate elements. Clients exchanged more than 10,000 chats with Yardi product experts and each other over the three-day event, which was hosted on the Yardi Aspire learning platform.

Attendees interspersed the learning with daily relaxation classes and giveaways plus an exclusive concert by Grammy Award-winning musician Jason Mraz. Each view of the performance generated a donation from Yardi, raising nearly $100,000 for COVID-19 relief initiatives.

With YASC Global successfully concluded, Yardi looks forward to presenting YASC as an in-person event once again. The next conference will take place Oct. 5 – 7 in San Diego. Yardi clients around the world will receive registration information in June.

Who should attend?


What is YASC Global?

YASC Global presents Spring YASC 2021 as a free, on-demand digital experience with 280+ on-demand classes and live chat support.

When is YASC Global?

May 18-20, 2021

What will YASC Global cost me?

Nothing — it’s free to all Yardi clients.

What happened during the most recent YASC Global?

In October 2020, 2,500 companies across 58 countries received three days of in-depth learning, live online interaction with experts and opportunities to support local food banks through our social media channels. The event also included yoga and meditation classes and a virtual concert with a widely known indie band that raised over $75,000 for charity, with each view from an attendee generating a donation.

How do I create my class list from the YASC Global platform May 18-20?

You may navigate to the YASC Global platform those three days and click “Catalog” in the dashboard bar at the top of the homepage. After choosing the class you’re interested in, click the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner to add it to your class list. See all your classes by clicking the “My Classes” link on the YASC Global dashboard bar. You can go directly to a specific track or region of classes through the links on the dashboard pages.

I just finished watching a class video. Can I ask a question?

We love questions and are here to help. Use the chat wall on the class page and a member of the Yardi team will be available.

When will the conference content become available?

Starting May 18, you can log in to YASC Global , add classes to “My Classes” and view them anytime during the three-day event.

How long will the class materials and videos be available?

The class materials and videos along with live chat support will be available May 18-20.

When will the next in-person YASC take place?

We are still on track to host a live event October 5-7 in San Diego. Stay tuned for updates on travel restrictions and social distancing mandates.