• Interface Partnership Program

    The Yardi Voyager platform is designed as an open system so that our clients may seamlessly exchange important information between Yardi Voyager and third-party applications. Toward that end, we established the Yardi Standard Interface Partnership Program (SIPP), which allows other vendors to create and maintain standard Voyager interfaces for their products. SIPP combines with Voyager’s ETL tool to make nearly every major data element within the Voyager platform available for automated import and export.

The Yardi Standard Interface Partnership Program currently offers residential and commercial API’s that are XML data exchanges and that are MITS or OSCRE compliant when applicable. Yardi has dedicated resources for interface development to ensure our standard interfaces continue to meet the needs of our clients. To learn more about available interfaces or to license an interface, please contact your Yardi Sales Representative or submit an Interface Information Request Form.

  • Standard Residential Interfaces

    Applicant Screening (MITS compliant)
    • Points to the login screen for the applicant screening agency; the user then logs in and the applicant screening company accepts the login
    • Exports applicant data from Voyager
    • Displays screening reports
    • Imports application decision results (such as: accepted, denied, conditional, or pending)

    Billing and Payments (MITS compliant)
    • Exports resident, unit, and lease information
    • Exports outstanding resident balances
    • Exports utility information
    • Imports receipts and/or charges
    • Imports payables

    Collections (MITS compliant)
    • Exports resident and lease information from Voyager
    • Exports resident balances from Voyager
    • Transfers lease documents and files via file transfer protocol (FTP)

    ILS/Guest Card (MITS compliant)
    • The Guest Card/Lead Tracking side, “Guest Card”
      • Imports initial guest card information
      • Imports guest card updates
      • Exports guest and resident events
    • Property Marketing and Internet Listing Service side, “ILS”
      • Exports unit availability information and pricing
      • Exports floor plan information
      • Exports amenity information

    Renters Insurance (MITS compliant)
    • Exports resident information
    • Exports lease information
    • Export renters insurance policy information
    • Imports renters insurance policy information

    Resident Data
    • Export Common Client’s resident information from the Common client’s Yardi-associated database
    • Export Common Client’s Lease Charges
    • Export Common Client’s Lease Renewal Offers and Scheduled Lease Renewals
    • Export Common Client’s Rentable Items
    • Import Common Client’s Selected Lease Renewal Offer
    • Import Common Client’s Rentable Items
    • Import/Renew Common Client’s Selected Lease Offer for specified Resident

    Revenue Management
    • Exports unit status
    • Exports unit amenities
    • Exports lease information
    • Imports unit pricing
    • Incorporates unit pricing into leasing workflow

    Service Request
    • Exports resident information
    • Exports service request information
    • Imports service request information

    Vendors and Payables
    • Exports client’s vendor data
    • Exports payables and check information
    • Imports client’s updated and new vendors
    • Imports payables with or without check information

  • Standard Commercial Interfaces

    Commercial Leasing Data
    • Exports lease data including amendments, charge schedules, clauses, options, and other leasing information at the property and unit levels

    Service Request
    • Exports tenant information and service request information
    • Imports service request information

    Vendors and Payables
    • Exports clients vendor data, payables and check information.
    • Imports client’s updated and new vendors, and payables with or without check information
    • Imports journals
    • Exports budgets, including month-to-date actuals using an account tree

    Coming Soon
    • Job Cost Import and Exports
    • Yardi Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting™

Next Steps for Clients

To learn more about Yardi SIPP and other interface options, please contact your account manager.

Next Steps for Vendors

Participation in the Standard Interface Partnership Program requires an annual program membership fee per interface. Standard Interface Partnership Program vendors are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Access to Voyager to test and validate your product with Yardi’s standard interface
  • Direct input into the development roadmap for your product’s interface
  • Access to Yardi’s API as it relates to your product’s interface
  • Access to the Yardi Technical Support team for your product’s interface
  • Included on the qualified interface listing posted on Client Central

Additional Interface Options

In addition to SIPP, Yardi supplements the open Voyager platform with its ETL tool, which provides table and field level access, to make nearly every major data element available for import or export. It is an open methodology that ensures the validity and integrity of data that is transferred between databases.

To join the Yardi Standard Interface Partnership Program, please submit a Interface Information Request Form and our team will be in touch as soon as possible. We look forward to providing solutions together for our mutual clients.