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RentCafe Senior CRM

Nurture your leads, boost occupancy and increase resident retention with a comprehensive CRM solution

Strengthen lead management and maximize occupancy with mobile-friendly sales and marketing tools designed for senior living providers. RentCafe Senior CRM streamlines workflows by allowing real-time data to flow between sales staff, community managers and caregivers.


Senior Living Connects on Yardi

Reduce costs, increase occupancy and optimize care when you connect CRM with all facets of your senior living operations – including property management and accounting, marketing, electronic leasing, online resident services, EHR, business intelligence and mobile tools.

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Generate Custom Leases

Save time on paperwork and streamline your move-in workflow with electronic leases. Real-time integration with Yardi Voyager Senior Housing ensures sales staff always have the latest rates and unit information.

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Manage Leads Effectively

Gain complete visibility into your sales and marketing efforts. Initiate marketing campaigns and track activity using critical data and analytics. Boost staff performance and enable more organized, responsive actions.

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Quintin King


Brightwater Senior Living

“The feature in RentCafe Senior CRM that’s most valuable is the dashboard — the information that tells us what’s going on at a moment in time. Sales counselors are empowered as they can see everything right away and it’s true and accurate.”


Improve Resident Retention

Capture the resident story in the initial prospect phase. Allow caregivers to easily access it later on for better retention and improved quality at the point of care.

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Go Mobile

Achieve full visibility in real time with the Yardi RentCafe Senior CRM mobile app while on the go, now available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

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