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Brightwater Senior Living

Brightwater Senior Living

  • The centralized location of all the information in the Yardi Senior Living Suite is a game changer.

    Quintin King, President, Brightwater Senior Living
  • Yardi became that full end-to-end solution that has the capabilities and background of years of experience in property management and growth.

    Quintin King, President, Brightwater Senior Living

    The Company

    Headquartered in Oregon, Brightwater Senior Living designs spaces, services and amenities which adapt to the life, needs and choices of residents. Brightwater has worked to create beautifully designed, meticulously managed communities staffed by the highest caliber senior living professionals.

    The Challenge

    Navigating Disparate Systems

    Brightwater Senior Living used to rely on a mix of disparate technology solutions and manual processes. Not only did this approach require teams to navigate multiple systems and platforms, but it was also time consuming, costly and prone to errors. Brightwater leaders saw the value in switching to a fully integrated solution — software built to unite key tools on a single platform. Known for being a trusted, single connected solution hosted on the cloud, the Yardi Senior Living Suite became Brightwater’s technology of choice.

    The Solution

    The Yardi Senior Living Suite

    The Yardi Senior Living Suite combines resident care, marketing, sales, finance, business intelligence, operations and more on a cloud-hosted, HIPAA and SOX-compliant software platform. Mobile, intuitive and efficient, the Yardi Senior Living Suite offers everything needed to manage your communities and drive growth.

    The Story

    Driving Success With One Integrated Solution

    Before Yardi, Brightwater used manual workflows and siloed solutions that lacked integration capabilities. With substantial growth and new communities on the horizon, leaders sought one solution that would integrate all elements of their business seamlessly — a solution housed on one centralized platform.

    “Our growth was dependent on how easily we were able to navigate the systems we use in the communities, as well as here in the central office,” explained Quintin King, president at Brightwater. “We understood a more integrated solution was much better for us so we weren’t bouncing around to so many different places.”

    With a clear understanding of the benefits integrated technology would bring, Brightwater began their journey with the Yardi Senior Living Suite. “I’ve always known about Yardi — it’s always been on my mind that they’ve had a really good platform,” shared King. From implementing solutions including Yardi Voyager Senior Housing, Yardi Senior IQ, Yardi EHR and RentCafe Senior CRM, Brightwater is boosting efficiency across their communities like never before.

    Gaining Efficiencies Across the Board  

    Yardi Voyager Senior Housing
    With Voyager Senior Housing as their community management powerhouse, Brightwater taps into reliable functionality that keeps their communities running smoothly. “Voyager has been around forever — it’s a very solid platform,” shared King. “We know it works well.” Accessing full accounting functions, real-time reporting and ancillary services on a single platform helps leaders quickly access what they need — and avoid the costly errors associated with disparate systems. Describing the technology Brightwater used prior, King explained how this “Didn’t have the protocols around or the auto-features that say, ‘Why did that change? What happened here?’” Voyager, in contrast, flags inconsistencies and keeps sensitive data safe, accurate and readily updated to ensure Brightwater never misses the mark. “Voyager has a solid platform infrastructure that is tried and true through the steps of accounting,” said King.

    Yardi Senior IQ
    Speaking of real-time data centralized in one secure place, Senior IQ offers actionable information that helps Brightwater make decisions that move the needle. Describing the comprehensive business intelligence solution, King shared, “Senior IQ is outstanding — it’s the most valuable thing that I have as a leader because it does consolidate everything into a single space. You’re not going to Voyager, you’re not going to CRM, you’re not going to EHR. I go to Senior IQ, and it gives me everything on a single page — my key metrics.” With organized data available at the click of a button, offering fast answers to specific questions, teams are saving time and refocusing priorities. “Senior IQ saves me a tremendous amount of time — and our teams a tremendous amount of time — to focus tactically on the things that are important,” explained King. “It’s bringing us down to a much more funneled approach to what we need to keep our eyes on.”

    Building on their time savings, Brightwater eliminated a majority of their manual reporting thanks to Senior IQ. “We got rid of about 75% of the reporting that we would send out to everybody,” said King. “They have access to Senior IQ and are able to capture it right away.” Best of all, Senior IQ presents Brightwater’s data in attractive, customizable dashboards making it easy to digest information. “I like visually to be able to see where we’re at — the graphic trending of information — versus having to constantly go look at everything and trend myself,” said King. “It brings it into a consolidated area and automatically trends for me, saving me more time.” Customizable dashboards also help leaders tailor Senior IQ to meet their evolving needs. “I can adapt Senior IQ to whatever I want,” added King. “I can tailor it to myself versus it just coming out of the box.”

    Yardi EHR
    On the care side, Yardi EHR makes tasks easier for staff in more ways than one. The full-service electronic health record solution helps teams work as efficiently as possible by offering integrated, secure functionality. “It’s the integration from all the service planning to the assessments, or the assessments to the service, and the integration into billing,” explained King. By adopting electronic care workflows, Brightwater also eliminated the need to complete certain tasks within their communities. “It’s the visibility of it that we have remotely — being able to see everything electronically instead of it being charted on site,” shared King. That remote access comes with significant time and cost savings both for care staff and leadership. “They can see the tasks remotely on their device and if anything changes, they can communicate with that device as well, so it does free up their time not having to constantly go back and forth,” said King. “They go from one resident to another without having to change charting — it’s all located on the device in hand.” King also described how Brightwater no longer needs to “have somebody fly down to do audits and review charting — we can do it at any moment and time wherever we’re at.”

    Yardi EHR helps Brightwater prevent avoidable errors and mistakes as well. “Yardi EHR is much more thorough as it requires steps to be done,” shared King. “In a paper process, they could skip steps or a document. The protocols in Yardi are you cannot miss and move onto something else. It keeps the procedure intact and not broken up by missed documents.”

    RentCafe Senior CRM
    In terms of their sales workflow, Brightwater is reaching new heights with RentCafe Senior CRM. Offering mobile-friendly sales and marketing tools, the customer relationship management solution helps teams gain visibility, save time, improve productivity and more. “The feature in CRM that’s most valuable is the dashboard — the information that tells us what’s going on at a moment in time,” said King. “Sales counselors are empowered in the fact that they can see everything right away and it’s true and accurate, versus it being on a piece of paper where they have to count to figure out if it’s true and accurate.” King also shared how thanks to RentCafe Senior CRM, “We don’t miss a lot of steps and it actually increases our visibility on numbers. It makes it easier and faster to get to that information.” RentCafe Senior CRM offers additional benefits like user-friendly navigation, too. “The navigation process is more fluid,” explained King. “It makes it easier for our teams to go from one area to another versus having to go through ten different screens.”

    Looking Ahead With Confidence

    With the Yardi Senior Living Suite helping Brightwater achieve major successes to date, leaders are confident in what the future holds. Having one dependable, end-to-end solution has transformed the way their communities operate, making disparate systems — and the challenges they pose — a thing of the past. “We have more security, a better toolkit and better support from Yardi,” shared King.

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