State of Tech: Asia

By on Jun 18, 2018 in News

In 2017, Yardi sponsored a survey of hundreds of real estate professionals across Asia as well the subsequent report on the survey findings. Completed by Asia real estate business intelligence source Mingtiandi, the report examines the state of technology in Asia’s real estate industry – and looks at where it’s heading.

According to the report, property management technology has seen a global investment of $7.8 billion since 2013, with 60% of that investment going into Asia. Despite such hefty figures, up to 77% of Asia’s real estate professionals feel that they’re lagging technologically, citing the overwhelming reason for the region’s slow adoption of technology as resistance to change.

Staying ahead of the game over the next five years will mean that managing human behavior, alongside investing in technology, will be crucial for companies looking to drive success through integrated, cohesive data and operations.

Read the report executive summary and stay tuned for updates on the Yardi/Mingtiandi collaboration.