Client Spotlight

By on Aug 12, 2021 in News

We love sharing positive stories from senior living communities, especially those that involve residents working together to make a difference. That’s certainly the case with Yardi client Harmony Senior Services, whose residents at their Greensboro, North Carolina community have been aiding the local homeless population.

Residents come together

With a dedication to help those in need, residents at Harmony at Greensboro have been working to aid the local homeless population for the last six months. It was resident Peggy Yow who came up with the idea — creating sleeping mats from plastic grocery bags — and her fellow neighbors joined in to help.

“I thought of all the cold nights, the wet ground, that maybe this will help them at least sleep and rest a little better,” said Yow to WFMY-TV. The inspiring story was also recognized by Argentum Senior Living, who shared it in their e-newsletter.  

If that alone doesn’t show how caring these senior living residents are, just wait! Each sleeping mat required over 2,000 grocery bags to be completed. It was no easy undertaking, but the Greensboro residents saw the value in the project — helping those in need. Their goal was to make 12 mats in total.

Yow shared that the project “has brought us much closer, we know each other better. It’s been very enlightening for each of us.”

About Harmony Senior Services

Harmony Senior Services was founded on the belief that people deserve higher quality senior living options. They proudly provide the same excellent care and love to residents and their families as they would their own. Their goal is to meet each resident’s individual needs while exceeding expectations.

Harmony offers living options such as independent living, assisted living and memory care.

And for Harmony at Greensboro, it’s clear that residents come together like family. We hope the story shared above brings a smile to your face — check out the full article here. To learn more about Harmony Senior Services and their commitment to senior living, visit their website.