iPad Update

By on Jun 14, 2024 in News, Technology

Apple gadgets and products have improved significantly since their launch. Now, they are more portable and powerful than ever. Let’s explore the latest Apple iPads, Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil upgrades.

Woman using iPad

The iPad’s versatility defines it. The new iPad allows users, from consumers to pros, to take their creations to new heights. It brings lessons and learning to life for teachers and students alike, as well as gaming and entertainment.

Light as a feather, the newest iPad Air offers engaging content, gaming, high resolution and Apple silicon, making it versatile for so many. It is available in 11-inch and an all-new 13-inch since many prefer a significant 30% more screen real estate. The 13-inch allows for more participants on Zoom calls. The new camera has a front-facing camera in landscape view, making it perfect for taking notes on the magic keyboard or FaceTime calls. The sound quality of the iPad Air is immaculate, with double the bass.

iPad Air includes an Apple silicon M2 powerful chip with a faster GPU, CPU and Neural engine, 50% faster than M1 and better memory with powerful AI and learning features. These improvements in performance and capabilities ensure that the iPad Air is a reliable and powerful tool for any task. iPad Air comes in two new colors, blue and purple, along with space gray and starlight and is designed with 100 percent recycled aluminum in the enclosure. iPad Air also works with the new Apple Pencil Pro to add more capabilities and bring ideas to life like never before. The starting price for the iPad Air is $599.

Crush the limits with iPad Pro. The iPad Pro is now so thin and so powerful, with a breakthrough display and amazing pro apps. Available in 11inch, 5.3mm and 13inch 5.1mm, making it thinner than the Apple Nano. Includes Nano texture glass that makes less glare for photos for professional photographers and videographers. State-of-the-art design with two OLED panels for Tandem OLED panels. One thousand nits for HDR and SDR content and 1600 nits of peak HDR brightness. iPad Pro brings XDR precision to a new level. Brighter specular highlights, deeper true blacks, detail in shadows and low light. Responsive to content in motion. iPad Pro includes Ultra Retina XDR in both models. It’s like holding a cinema right in your hands! Available in space black and silver, the iPad Pro also improves thermal performance with copper in the logo and graphite sheets for 20% thermal performance. As with the iPad Air, it is also 100 percent recycled aluminum in the enclosure. iPad Pro is ten times faster than the original iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro has improved cameras and microphones, including a 12 MP camera, five-element lens, Smart HDR 4 and 4K ProRes Video. It also has a new adaptive true-tone flash, which helps when scanning documents. The camera uses AI and takes multiple photos, allowing you to capture the best shot in low or not-so-good lighting. The images can sync with the camera, files, notes and third-party apps. Pro Apps include powerful AI features and multi-cams, including Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Camera and Logic Pro, which are perfect for those in the film and music industries. These enhanced camera and microphone features make the iPad Pro a powerful content creation and editing tool.

M4 is a huge step forward for Apple silicon in iPad Pro. It is four times faster than M2 and can perform the same as a laptop using only a quarter of the power. This means you can enjoy high-performance computing on a portable device without worrying about battery life. A powerful GPU with hardware-accelerated ray tracing renders game-changing graphics for gamers. The Neural Engine in M4 makes iPad Pro an absolute powerhouse for AI, enabling advanced machine learning and AI-powered features.

Just like magic. Experience the new Apple Magic Keyboard, which is much thinner and lighter and has a neat floating design that users love. The screen is brighter, and the larger trackpad feels just like using an iMac. It comes in the same colors as the iPad Pro, so it matches perfectly, and it has a Smart Connector that immediately connects power and data without Bluetooth. Magic Keyboard has a new 14-key function row for convenient access to features like screen brightness or volume controls. The 11-inch is $299, and the 13-inch is $349. With its sleek design and enhanced functionality, the Magic Keyboard is a must-have accessory for any iPad user.

Apple Pencil Pro opens a new era for creativity. This device provides low latency, pixel-perfect precision, double tap, pressure sensitivity, tilt sensitivity, barrel roll, and Apple Pencil hover. Apple Pencil hover allows users to preview the mark before it is made. It includes a new sensor for new interactions: a simple squeeze opens a palette to switch tools, line weights and colors. Barrel roll rotates the barrel to change the orientation of the shaped pen and brush tools. And Haptic feedback when squeezing, tapping and more. The Find My app now supports Apple Pencil Pro. It includes wireless pairing and charging and still stores magnetically on the side of the iPad. The Apple Pencil Pro is quite affordable at $129, considering its advanced features and capabilities.

Lastly, the basic entry-level iPad is a budget-friendly option at only $349 and a perfect choice for beginners. Its user-friendly features and affordable price make it a comfortable and reassuring choice for those just starting their Apple journey.