7 Ways to Earn Loyalty

By on Mar 21, 2020 in News

Social distancing is a necessary yet challenging directive for apartment communities. We must build a sense of community and safety if we want to earn resident satisfaction and loyalty. But social distancing practices don’t exactly conjure warm, fuzzy feelings.

We’ve got seven tips for maintaining resident satisfaction and earning loyalty even when keeping your distance.

  1. Check on your seniors and vulnerable residents. Call vulnerable renters to make sure that they have the essentials. They will appreciate knowing that you have their wellbeing in mind, even if they’re already taken care of. If they are in need, consider either of the options below to help.
  2. Receive donations and stock up for those in need. In times of panic, many people naturally think of self-preservation. Acts of altruism shine brightest during these times! Place a large box outside of the office and invite residents to make food and toiletry donations for those within the community who need it most. Pre-package items can be easily wiped down before distribution.

As a business, you may also have wholesale access to resources that are not available in stores. Consider stocking up on essential items for residents in need. It’s a small investment to make to earn resident gratitude, respect, and loyalty.

  1. Share community updates and best practices. Use your online resident portal to issue updates by your local health centers, especially any news or tips that are empowering and uplifting. Be sure to cite your sources and provide links when you can. This step encourages residents to get information from credible sources.
  2. Inform residents of your measures to sanitize the property. As your property takes additional measures to sanitize the site, inform your residents and prospects. They will appreciate that you are prioritizing their wellness and taking care of staff health.
  3. Host online gatherings. It’s important to support a sense of community even when you can’t congregate in groups. Shift community events to online platforms instead! Watch movies and TV shows together on viewing apps and online networks like Watch2gether. Attendees can make comments and share reactions just like in a live setting.
  4. Do your best to accommodate those with extenuating circumstances. Technology has enabled many people to work from home. There are some who cannot, particularly those in the service and hospitality sectors. They may not be able to work and may temporarily struggle with rent. Organize and communicate efforts to accommodate renters with extreme circumstances. Compassion during tough times will be remembered during lease renewals.
  5. Encourage online payments and online maintenance requests. This is a smooth way to discourage unnecessary visits to the office staff while highlighting conveniences that you’ve made available for residents. If leasing office or maintenance protocols have changed, clearly communicate those changes with renters.

When you go above and beyond to support residents during challenging times, they will remember your efforts during lease renewal time.

Watch this quick video to learn how the Excelsior Group uses technology to stay engaged with residents.