Commercial Briefing Montréal

By on Jun 20, 2024 in Events, Global

Yardi Canada recently hosted its inaugural Executive Commercial Briefing at the W Montréal Hotel, setting the stage for an evening of insightful discussions and networking. This event left attendees inspired and eager for more conversations with industry experts.

Commercial Briefing Montréal

Keep reading to learn what you can expect at our future executive briefing. 

A platform for industry insights and collaboration

The Executive Briefing series is an invitation-only event that delves deep into property and program management topics. It provides industry leaders and our executives with the opportunity to discuss the latest challenges and technology solutions shaping the real estate and housing markets. These briefings offer a platform for sharing insights, best practices and innovative strategies directly from top experts and decision-makers in the field. Through exclusive networking opportunities, interactive sessions and presentations from leading analysts, participants can forget important connections and gain valuable knowledge. With the rapid evolution of the real estate market and its supporting technology, these briefings are essential for staying ahead of the curve.

Key highlights from the briefiing

Jason Chacko, senior account executive of Yardi, shared compelling insights into the Yardi Investment Management Suite. He highlighted the efficiency brought by automation, stating, “The example I like to quote is with on of our major clients. On a quarterly close, they were taking 21 days to calculate their waterfalls. They reduced that to a half-day process with Yardi.”

By integrating accounting, performance measurement and reporting into one platform, real estate businesses can streamline investment management. This tool provides real-time insights, boosts efficiency and supports data-driven decisions, helping clients like Timber Creek reduce manual work and improve accuracy in financial operations.

The client panel also provided valuable perspectives on digital transformation. Olivier Rocheleau, corporate controller of Groupe Petra, emphasized the necessity of a fully integrated solution, saying, “We were looking for a best-in-class solution and a strong partner to establish ourselves with a solid foundation. Once we identified the modules we needed, Yardi’s implementation team guided us through the process seamlessly.”

Groupe Petra is a leading real estate investment and management firm known for its extensive portfolio of commercial properties across Québec. They focus on acquiring, developing and managing high-quality real estate assets, ensuring sustainable growth and value creation. By partnering with Yardi, Groupe Petra aims to enhance their operational efficiency and maintain their reputation for excellence in the real estate market.

Michael Sutherland, vice president of Canderel, echoed this sentiment, reflecting on Yardi’s impact on their operations. “We saw Yardi facilitate our strategic direction to streamline our service lines. The savings were compelling when we eliminated ancillary software and replaced it with a single Yardi stack. It was a no-brainer for us.”

Canderel is a prominent real estate investment, development and management company with a diverse portfolio spanning office, retail, industrial and residential properties across Canada. Known for their innovative approach and commitment to excellence, focusing on creating value through strategic acquisitions, developments and property management. By adopting our solutions, Canderel aims to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency and support their long-term growth objectives.

Exploring the future of AI in real estate

David Franklin, industry principal at Yardi, captivated the audience with a discussion on our advancements in artificial intelligence, particularly in lease abstraction. “This technology is exciting. We are going after the ability to abstract leases, cut time on accounts payable and give [clients] a built-in assistant using technology.”

Virtuoso represents a significant leap forward in real estate technology. Virtuoso includes advanced features designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy, such as chatbots for improved customer interactions, smart AP for automating accounts payable processes, smart Lease for lease abstraction and an AI assistant for various operational tasks. By integrating these tools, Virtuoso provides seamless automation and intelligent assistance, helping Yardi clients streamline workflows, reduce manual errors and make more informed decisions.

Looking ahead

Yardi is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the real estate market in Québec. During the pandemic we dedicated resources to expand our offerings to meet the needs of international clients in regions such as France, Dubai, Germany and Canada. This includes providing solutions in Québécois French. With the success of this inaugural briefing, Yardi Canada is poised to host more Québec events, fostering deeper engagement and driving innovation in the real estate industry.

If you’re interested in attending an event where you can participate in sessions and learn about all of our offerings, register to attend in person at YASC Canada.