Learn, Grow, Excel

By on Mar 30, 2020 in People

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a question that kids throughout the nation have considered with light-hearted curiosity. Doctor? Astronaut? Director of an investment management consulting team? That’s is an unlikely response, but Jace Swank has thrived in an unexpected field.

Yardi: the right fit

Shortly after graduating from UCSB, Swank began his career at Yardi as a technical account manager. About seven years later, he serves as director of consulting practices. He now oversees support and implementations across North America for the Investment Management Suite of products including Investment Manager, Investment Management, and Investor Plus.

Jace Swank

Though the account manager position interested the recent graduate, he accepted the job offer because of corporate culture at Yardi. “As I asked around and learned more about what Yardi did, I was excited to see the cross hairs between technology and real estate management,” says Swank. “I come from a family of contractors and have always been interested in computers. Using technology to professionally manage properties was of high interest to me.”

“Upon further research about the company,” he continues, “I found nothing but great things about the culture and how well Yardi takes care of employees. I can confirm that after nearly eight years here, all my findings were an understatement. Yardi is a great place to be!”

Learning investment management firsthand

Once he identified the right company, it was time to learn his new role within it. Investment management is new terrain for most entry level new hires. Though the demand for investment management personnel is high, there are surprisingly few programs to prepare young adults for careers in the field. In addition to technical knowledge of the software, discerning clients seek consultants with a firm understanding of their business and best practices.

Firsthand learning has solidified Swank’s understanding of the industry. Constant involvement with clients has helped him adapt to their changing expectations and industry trends.

“I have learned a ton about the investment management industry by being curious, asking questions, and getting in direct contact with our clients,” reflects Swank.

He believes his curiosity has bolstered his success, especially in the face of challenges. He says, “For example, when a support ticket was transferred to another team, I tried to keep tabs and understand what the final resolution is – I didn’t just hand off and forget about it. I learned so much that way.”

Tips for forging a career at Yardi

Since beginning with Yardi, Swank has accumulated several skills that helped him excel within the company. The importance of soft skills, like communication through different channels, ranked high on his list.

Being well organized ranked a close second. “Something I would recommend is to never stop evolving your organizational skills and tactics. The further I’ve progressed in my career, I more I’ve had to reinvent all of my tactics to continue to stay organized,” says Swank.

Setting a list of priorities helps him conquer his responsibilities throughout each day. In line of those priorities, he has learned when to delegate and collaborate. “Nobody knows everything,” he begins. “But together as a group we can accomplish anything.”

Additionally, Swank, like much of Yardi’s management team, stays connected to the heartbeat of his department.

“A mentor of mine at Yardi, Reece McPherson, likes to say, ‘all of us are always account managers!’ We never shed that need to dive in and get the job done. When needed, I will work directly with our clients and help just like I did when I started as a technical account manager. That’s still one of my favorite things to do.”

Swank’s teammates regard him as a strong leader that balances his expertise with humility. His willingness to guide from within the trenches has earned respect from his peers.

Corporate culture

Swanks sees Yardi as a company that embodies collaboration, creativity, and thoughtfulness. Whether its within a team or interdepartmental, employees work together to fulfill a common mission effectively, efficiently, and thoroughly. Team members employ creative tactics to achieve goals and they’re unafraid to explore new solutions.

Thoughtfulness intersects multiple facets of work within the company. Swanks explains, “Yardi is thoughtful towards the success and well-being of our clients, employees, and communities. Also, we are thoughtful in the direction we take with our products and how we serve our clients. We are always pursuing innovation, but doing so in a meaningful and impactful way, serving mature segments within the market.”

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