Partners in Housing

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Yardi is committed to supporting the community in every city where our offices are housed. Each year, the company distributes philanthropic aid to organizations selected by its employees.

Clients of PIH

Today, we introduce Partners in Housing (PIH), founded in 1991 in Colorado Springs, CO. Partners in Housing’s mission is to guide families in the housing crisis from insecurity to stability, self-reliance and prosperity. Throughout its 33 years in the community, the number and complexity of this issue have continued to change and grow.

PIH’s Family Self-Sufficiency program provides homeless families with children a safe, stable place to live where they gain the knowledge and practical skills to overcome personal barriers and achieve self-sufficiency. Due to economic difficulties and inflation, PIH had an influx of applicants in the past year. The added pressure and increases make it harder for some to afford doctor visits and daycare. PIH offers housing and childcare to relieve external stressors while families work towards their goals. The program offers courses to improve credit and budgeting, technological literacy, employment qualifications, and the confidence to utilize these skill sets. PIH staff also provide various employment training resources, allowing clients to work toward their desired career path.

“The resources provided within PIH’s Family Self-Sufficiency program allow clients to explore their financial health and knowledge in a safe, supportive space, leading to lasting change,” said Kayley Weber, grants and web presence manager for PIH.

PIH’s board of directors has recently approved an updated strategic plan with support from its advisory board, which includes past clients. The plan consists of newly approved goals and initiatives with a specific continued focus on outreach to those in the area who are disproportionately affected by the housing crisis, including those members of the BIPOC community and others who are underrepresented and need more significant support facing barriers due to discrimination or victimization.

“Within the strategic plan update, the Partners in Housing Board of Directors also specifically included that diversity, equity, and inclusion are reflected in all our human resources practices and policies as a critical component of client and organizational success,” Weber explained.

Looking forward, PIH, Greccio Housing and RMCLT are working together to develop an expansive tax credit housing project called Bentley Commons. This project will provide 20 additional transitional housing units to PIH’s Family Self-Sufficient program, bringing its total to 88 units while simultaneously expanding affordable housing in Colorado Springs.

Funding from Yardi enables PIH’s staff to serve its clients better. Funds help clients achieve their goals for housing, income, employment and self-reliance by working closely with highly qualified, trained and committed staff.

“We were so grateful to receive the email notice and the grant payment from Yardi! Ongoing funding is crucial to our program budget,” expressed Weber.

Shayla’s Story

Shayla is a single mother of two teenagers and came to Partners in Housing seeking safety and a stable environment. With the help of PIH, Shayla was able to address her medical needs and received the required surgeries on her knee, which drastically improved her mobility and increased her quality of life. While healing, Shayla secured employment with the County in a position that provides professional growth and a living wage.

Now working with budget and credit counselors, Shayla manages past debts and works toward savings goals. Her son will soon start participating in Work-IT to acquire a part-time job, and her daughter is now enrolled at Pikes Peak State College.

“Their time with us has provided Shayla’s family with an opportunity for financial relief and a period of recovery after surgery, and we are confident that their commitment will persist, guiding them steadily toward their goals,” shares Weber.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are a variety of opportunities for Yardi employees to volunteer with Partners in Housing. Volunteer opportunities include landscaping, completing indoor and outdoor painting projects, sorting and organizing its donation center, accepting donations, assisting with events, coordinating drives for essential items, spreading awareness of its mission in the Pikes Peak region, and much more!

Individual or group volunteers can accomplish these projects, which can be one-time or reoccurring. To connect, please get in touch with PIH’s executive director at [email protected] or (719) 473-8890.

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