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For over a decade, this organization has been working to save beloved pets’ lives, particularly those in the marginalized areas of California’s Central Coast. Their efforts have brought hope and a new lease of life to these innocent creatures.

C.A.R.E.4Paws clients

C.A.R.E.4Paws, founded in 2009 in Santa Barbara, works to reduce pet overpopulation, keep animals out of shelters and improve the quality of life for pet families. It serves a range of resources to low-income, senior, disabled, and unhoused community members in underserved areas through Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.

C.A.R.E.4Paws includes free, low-cost wellness services through its Mobile Community Medicine & Spay/Neuter Outreach program.

“In 2023, operating out of two mobile veterinary clinics, we assisted 17,500 dogs and cats with vaccines, spays/neuters, dental, mass removals, wellness exams, flea treatment and other critical wellness services,” said Isabelle Gullo, C.A.R.E.4Paws executive director and Cofounder.

C.A.R.E.4Paws also provides pet food, supplies, grooming, dog training and foster care for hundreds of pet families in need each year through its Companion Pet Assistance program. In addition, its Safe Haven program supports pet families exposed to domestic violence, and its Paws Up For Pets program works with local youth to inspire kindness for all living beings.

C.A.R.E.4Paws regularly gets much gratitude for their services from their clients, which are intended to provide a safety net so that animals stay healthy and with their people for life!

C.A.R.E.4Paws clients

C.A.R.E.4Paws programs are not just growing but flourishing at a rapid pace since the pandemic. It envisions adding more clinic days and expanding its outreach geographically by operating Mobile Community Medicine & Spay/Neuter Outreach. It will also forge partnerships with over 20 vet clinics and emergency care facilities to provide discounts. C.A.R.E.4Paws launched the Albus Fund at the end of 2023, specifically for urgent care cases, promising an exciting and hopeful future for the organization.

In addition, C.A.R.E.4Paws has partnered with Good Samaritan Shelter (Good Sam) to assist unsheltered pet families moving into two new pet-friendly housing facilities by DignityMoves—Hope Village in Santa Maria and La Posada in Goleta—as well as Good Sam’s Lompoc shelter, Bridge House.

“Through the partnership, we provide mobile clinic services, pet food, supplies, animal behavior assessments and dog training. We’re excited about the collaboration and the opportunity to increase our support for people and pets experiencing homelessness. This way, we help ensure that pet families stay intact as they go through critical life transitions,” explained Gullo.

Funding from Yardi allows C.A.R.E.4Paws to expand its pet wellness services across the Central Coast and help an increasing number of families that otherwise struggle to access care for their beloved dogs and cats.

“We are so grateful for Yardi’s generous gift to C.A.R.E.4Paws to support us as we assist pet families in need on the Central Coast. We could not do our work without the help of supporters like Yardi. Thank you so much,” expressed Gullo.

Happy Tails

“Thank you for your kindness and donation of my dog JoJo’s Apoquel medication. His problem with airborne allergies can be quite severe, with him ripping his fur out and rubbing his eyes to the point of scratching his eyelids and eyeballs. My financial situation makes it difficult to pay for his medication, and when I can, I can only give it to him every other day. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful group like C.A.R.E.4Paws to help those in need. My hope is that C.A.R.E.4Paws finds kindness in return for the magnitude it gives. With gratitude, Paula and JoJo Herschede.”

Volunteer Opportunities

C.A.R.E.4Paws welcomes Yardi employees and the community to help with fundraising events. It can also put together an activity such as its “Pet food packaging pawty,” where volunteers package up dog and cat foods and then distribute them to families in need. In addition, C.A.R.E.4Paws welcomes any food drives and can combine a food packaging day with a food drive. Smaller groups can also help at one of its mobile clinic events, with larger Sunday events. Those interested can contact Julia Black at [email protected].

“C.A.R.E.4Paws is the only group on California’s Central Coast to bring such a range of resources directly to pet families in underserved communities. We know that without access to affordable veterinary services and pet food, many families are forced to make the difficult decision to relinquish their pets to a shelter to ensure the animals receive essential care,” explained Gullo.

She continued, “C.A.R.E.4Paws intervenes in this crisis by ensuring that financial difficulties, lack of transportation or language barriers don’t get in the way of animals receiving the care they need to stay healthy and with the people who love them.”

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