Earth Week for All

By on May 6, 2019 in Events, People

Yardi Atlanta’s Earth Week celebration proved to be a fun way to promote workplace camaraderie and environmental consciousness. The new approach to Earth Week serves as a successful model for other corporate environments.

The Best Earth Week—Ever

The week was packed with informative and interactive events for Yardi Atlanta employees.

To promote sustainable transportation, a representative from the Georgia Power Electronic Vehicle Program facilitated a session on EV car chargers and rebates. Employees also enjoyed a car show featuring Tesla, Porche, Land Rover, Jaguar, Nissan, and BMW vehicles. Dealership representatives talked about their lineup’s latest green advancements.

Employees couldn’t stop talking about the eye-catching Porsche E Tron. It demonstrated a luxurious approach to sustainable transportation. A sleek design, spacious interior, and user-friendly dashboard helped employees reimagine the electronic driving experience.

The following day, Georgia Power returned to offer a presentation on energy efficiency at home. Employees learned practical tips to lower their energy bills.  Fulton County Water Department also made an appearance during Earth Week, leading a presentation on water conservation. Attendees learned multiple ways to make their homes more efficient. They also discovered rebates and programs that can decrease monthly utility costs.

Rubicon Global’s trash audit offered many interesting findings. Yardi Atlanta learned that 70 percent of its trash was compostable and could be diverted from the waste stream! Additionally, the office learned that its recycling practices were clean with minimal contamination. The news encouraged employees to pursue zero contamination.

For the full week of events, check out our last blog post.

Keys to Success

Yardi Atlanta Earth Week was a huge success thanks to teamwork, local collaboration, and relentless marketing.

Sustainability Within Atlanta Yardi (SWAY) brainstormed and organized the Earth Week events. The volunteer-based group is led by employees Ethan Arbiser, energy benchmarking analyst, CSD and Evan Hearn, energy management analyst, CSD. The group received support from Don Rogers, general manager, G&A.

SWAY reached out to local businesses to garner support. Yardi client and property management company, Cushman & Wakefield, agreed to transform Yardi’s Atlanta office into a multidisciplinary learning environment. Local utilities, dealerships, and grocery stores also contributed to Earth Week events.

Earth Week would not have been a success without the attendance of curious and supportive Yardi Atlanta employees. To attract the masses, SWAY shared the week’s itinerary via blog, press release, and several daily social media posts.

Looking Forward

SWAY’s Earth Week celebration can be replicated at other Yardi offices!

  • Yardi offices are encouraged to create local volunteer groups, like SWAY, to organize Earth Week events at their sites in 2020.
  • The volunteer group may also choose to work with its local Yardi office manager to pursue green solutions for the site year-round. Together, the manager and volunteer group may explore eco-friendly trash audits, recycling services, even vendors that supply sustainable office and kitchen supplies.
  • Collaborating with other local organizations, such as utility providers, adds depth and diversity of knowledge to Yardi-sponsored events.

Have questions about starting an Earth Week campaign in your Yardi office next year? Contact Ethan Arbiser.