Earth Week

By on Apr 19, 2019 in News, People

Since 1970, Earth Day has served as a reminder to honor our beautiful, fragile, and generous planet. What started as a single day is now a week-long observance! Below, you will find ideas for Earth Day programming that build loyalty and community among your staff. Yardi Atlanta even offers a full week of fun, informative activities that you can adapt to your site.   

Build loyalty

Employees favor eco-friendly workplaces over traditional models. Millennials in particular desire workplaces that “improve society.” When working for an earth conscious employer, employees report a heightened sense of well being and purpose.

Sustainability measures are popular tools to attract and maintain talent. Use Earth Week to highlight your existing green efforts or jumpstart new programs at your organization. In the process, you will build loyalty amongst employees and position your brand well with prospective new hires.

Explore an office-wide celebration

If a week of earth-friendly activities seems overwhelming, take heart. You don’t have to go in alone. Yardi Atlanta, for example, collaborates with local businesses to get employees involved in Earth Week. Its programming piques employee interest in sustainability while encouraging workplace satisfaction.

Starting April 22, Yardi Atlanta will host fun and informative daily activities. Sustainability Within Atlanta Yardi (SWAY) teamed up with Yardi client and property management company, Cushman & Wakefield, to host these events:

  • On Monday, Yardi corporate sponsors a healthy breakfast for staff. Selected foods will emphasize the role sustainable farming practices play in overall environmental health.
  • Tuesday emphasizes sustainable transportation. A representative from the Georgia Power Electronic Vehicle Program will facilitate a session on EV car chargers and rebates. Guests are also invited to a car show with contributions by local dealers. Tesla, Porche, Land Rover, Jaguar, Nissan, and BMW will have cars and representatives on site to talk about their latest green advancements.
  • The following day, Georgia Power will offer a presentation on energy efficiency at home. Employees will learn practical tips to lower their power bills.
  • The fun continues on Thursday with a trash audit. Yes, trash talk can be fun when the presentation is led by Rubicon Global! The technology company provides waste, recycling, and smart city solutions to businesses and governments worldwide. Rubicon Global will educate employees on recycling and waste management through an interoffice competition and several memorable, hands-on activities.
  • The week ends with a presentation on water conservation guided by the Fulton County Water Department. Employees will learn how to decrease their residential water bills and conserve resources with rain barrels. They can also get involved with community programming such as Adopt-A-Stream.

Event options are endless! Create a volunteer team at your organization to implement Earth Day programs that are relevant to your staff.

Small initiatives, big results

Not ready for an office-wide celebration? No problem. Below are a few effective, small-scale initiatives.

Explore the power of paperless. A paperless office is an efficient, tidy office. If your organization hasn’t gone paperless, you’re wasting money, time, and space.

Online leasing and resident screening eliminate file cabinets and cut application processing times. As a result, residents fill costly vacancies faster. You staff will appreciate the time that they save through automated processes. They will also benefit from the lack of paper clutter on their desks.

Online payment processing puts money in your account while cutting carbon emissions. Managers and postal workers skip trips to the bank, saving time and decreasing gas expenses and emissions.

Support local green businesses. Catered meetings are a simple way to support local businesses that share your eco-friendly values. Prioritize restaurants and caterers that use recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

Encourage friendly competition for a good cause. Create office competitions that boost environmental awareness. Have offices track resource usage, and then award offices that decrease water and energy expenditures by the largest percentage. Conversely, you can award offices that increase their recycling by the largest percent.

Everyday green. Phase out single-use plastics. Set a goal and date for eliminating single-use plastics available in your office. Replace those supplies with reusable and biodegradable options.

Organize ride shares. Rideshare incentivizes carpooling for businesses and individuals. Learn more about your local program.

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