A Career on the Go

By on Mar 9, 2020 in People

As of March 2020, Carlos Perez will have spent two decades in the data management industry. Three common themes run throughout his career and personal life: technology, Yardi software and change.

Carlos has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree with a concentration in Business Analytics from the University of Phoenix. He enjoys collecting music on vinyl, DJ’ing, reading self-motivational books and playing scrabble with his wife and kids.

His current position is senior technical analyst for Yardi, specializing in support of public housing agencies and cloud-based technology. The story of how he got here is a bit complicated, to say the least.

Carlos was born in Los Angeles, where he spent his first five years before moving to Ensenada, Mexico. Later, he’d move back to Los Angeles, and then back to Ensenada, then San Diego, Tijuana, and ultimately to Santa Barbara.

Throughout his moves, Carlos built the foundation of his professional skills on technology and data. He began his career in the PHA industry in 1999, working for the Los Angeles County Development Authority (formerly known as Community Development Commission/Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles).

Carlos Perez

“We were using VisualHOMES software, but were in the process of switching to Yardi. Our VisualHOMES team was understandably disappointed that we were leaving. But then, not long after, Yardi acquired VisualHOMES, and somewhat ironically, we were once again working with our VisualHOMES team to implement Yardi Voyager PHA,” says Carlos.

In 2007, Carlos got married, moved to San Diego and began working as a crime data analyst for the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. In that role, he made a professional connection with a Yardi executive who was doing some work with the San Diego Housing Commission. That connection eventually led to another job change as Carlos was recruited by the San Diego Housing Commission to serve as a Yardi analyst.

Next, Carlos leveraged the knowledge gained in San Diego to land a role with a private consulting firm. In that role, Carlos worked to implement Yardi software solutions for housing providers across the country, including market rate owners, affordable housing providers, commercial managers and more.

The common denominator to Carlos’ professional career (in addition to seemingly constant change of scenery) is Yardi software. Whether it be with VisualHOMES, as a Yardi Voyager user, or as a private consultant, Yardi software was always at the center. And so, in 2017, Carlos finally ended up working at Yardi headquarters in Santa Barbara.

“It really feels like a small world, tight knit industry. The same people I worked with from Yardi when I was in Los Angeles and San Diego are still here, sitting next to me in the office. And, I’m currently supporting my former employers now in my Yardi position. It really has come full circle,” says Carlos.

One of the most eventful times in Carlos’s history at Yardi happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and Irma in 2017. As the island recovered from the disaster, funds were being used by an office of the Puerto Rican government using Yardi Voyager, and various points of data customization was necessary.

Within just a couple of weeks of the project start date, Carlos found himself on a plane to Puerto Rico. The trip proved valuable for the Yardi team as they ascertained the scope of data necessary to track disaster recovery funds. It also gave Carlos the opportunity to gain personal insight into the local community.

“I spent spare time with locals and learned about their experience during the hurricanes. They said riding out the storm was not the most difficult part. The nightmare began the day after, when they came out of their homes to find there was nearly nothing left,” recalls Carlos.

The Yardi team made a follow-up visit later in summer 2019, which was coincidentally cut short by yet another hurricane (Dorian). Warnings that the forming hurricane was gaining strength and had potential to reach Puerto Rico sent Carlos and the rest of the team on a plane back to Santa Barbara less than two days after arriving.

“This industry is so important to me. I have so many stories from my work with agencies, both as an employee and support staff. I’m grateful to serve in my role here at Yardi, and look forward to the future, no matter what changes come my way,” says Carlos.