Yardi Atlanta’s New Green Home

By on Sep 27, 2013 in News

LobbyMansell Overlook, the new location for Yardi’s Atlanta offices, received LEED Gold for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance. The Yardi teams have been in their new green home for two months now, adjusting to the office space, getting to know new coworkers, and generally letting the dust settle.

Mansell Overlook was built in 1996, before the modern green movement really took off in the southeast’s commercial sector. When owners considered a green renovation over a decade later, they faced challenges common to retrofits. With tireless dedication, the team exceeded expectations.

“We earned LEED Gold when others said we could only get Silver for that LEED budget and schedule,” reports Amanda Madrid, LEED Green Associate and General Manager at Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. In addition to the complex’s Gold certification, the project team included programs for green landscaping, integrated pest management, green cleaning, green TI’s and cooling tower chemical management. Miraculously, the project was completed under budget.

Building 500, which holds Yardi’s offices, received an 95/100 Energy Star Score. The site saves 32 percent in water expenses thanks to high-efficiency restroom fixtures. The site also avoids the waste of products used within the office.  65 percent of ongoing consumables (plastic, paper, glass, etc.) are diverted from landfills through the site’s single-stream recycling. 100 percent of office waste, such as furniture and electronics, can also be diverted.

Yardi employees reap the benefits of low mercury lighting and improved indoor air quality. Onsite walking trails and gardens provide a beautiful place to relax and unwind during breaks. After hours, Yardi staff can head down to the gym for an invigorating workout before heading home. “We really tried to make the workplace comfortable and enjoyable for our tenants,” says Madrid.

Nature TrailThe green features did not require Yardi to skimp on space. The additional square footage provides Yardi team members with “breakout rooms,” small meeting areas that are great for impromptu meetings. For larger gatherings, team members drew upon local sports teams to identify their conference rooms. The Falcons, Braves, and Hawks all have designated conference rooms. The largest meetings are held in The Dome, the namesake of Atlanta’s professional football stadium.

The new space will also accommodate our growing family. As Yardi’s HOUSINGCafe product takes off, the new support staff will likely join their peers at Mansell Overlook.

Employees may take advantage of access to public transit, which is a huge deal in Atlanta where the average commute exceeds an hour each day. Public transit shortens commute times, not to mention that the time could be spent reading, FaceTiming with friends, or anything other than staring at the bumper in front of you. Those who opt to use personal vehicles can take advantage of the property’s six electric vehicle charging stations.

Mansell Overlook aims to improve the tenant experience for years to come. “Vendors and tenants participated in the initial certification,” says Madrid. “We will continue to follow best green practices with education and support from property management as well as through tenant satisfaction surveys.”

Word on the Street

Learn Yardi employees’ favorite features of the new building:

“I like the people. It’s a really good group. The security guard is always so friendly and helpful. The facility is beautiful and really well done. The grounds are rather park-like here. It’s not just an office building that you pull up to. There is availability to do a lot of things, like the trails and our public spaces.” —Atlanta Office Administrative Assistant

“I like the upgraded office space, the layout of the floor plan, and the combination of our two locations.”– Chastity Cook, HR Generalist/Operator CoordinatorLarge Patio Area

“Yardi is a great place to work and this is a great environment. I’ve done the walking trails a few times. I’ve been to the fitness center but I haven’t joined yet! Overall it’s just a nice atmosphere.” —Karen Francis, Utility Auditor

My favorite features? Yardi uses about two floors of office space, arranged like stacked donuts. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just keep walking and you’ll run into it eventually. It’s like I-285, with less traffic!

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