Single Family Homes

By on Nov 27, 2018 in News

Yardi Voyager Single Family Homes simplifies property management without the need to expand payroll. Its property management, accounting and maintenance features are tailored to each clients’ needs.

Manage Wisely

Get a quick overview of operations each time that you open the Voyager Single Family Homes dashboard. Skim the latest updates on occupancy and availability, resident charges, receipts, property traffic and maintenance. Drill down into details as needed.

Leverage the power of the industry’s most widely adopted accounting system. Generate and export custom reports to paint a clear picture of your financial standing. As your company continues to grow, you maintain control over access to that data. Set up users with read-only access to specified features and reports. Regularly issue reports to individual investors with a convenient report scheduler. Paperless cloud storage facilitates access to data from any location on any mobile device.

Streamline financial management with Voyager Single Family Homes. The comprehensive systems meets IFRS and GAAP requirements.

Expand Effortlessly

Voyager Single Family Homes is more than accounting. The system empowers you to automate resident and home management from guest card to move-out.

Store property brochures and quote sheets within the system. When multiple parties are interested in your properties, you can create a waitlist by market. As prospects turn into residents, automatically populate the resident records from the data on their guest card. Ensure that your units are in optimal condition with maintenance and work order tracking.

Voyager Single Family Homes seamlessly integrates with other Yardi solutions that help your business operate smoothly. Tools for maintenance and inspections, marketing and leasing, procurement, energy management, resident screening and  renters insurance unite under the Voyager umbrella.

  • RentCafe Single Family Homes and RentCafe CRM Single Family Homes incorporates marketing, mobile leasing and customer relationship management and resident portals with Yardi Payment Processing for online payments
  • Advanced Maintenance manages preventative, routine and emergency tasks
  • The Procure to Pay Suite automates and simplifies electronic vendor and other payments and streamlines approvals
  • ResidentShield Protection Plan simplifies your renters insurance program with automated online fulfillment and compliance tracking
  • The Yardi Smart Energy Suite handles your Utility Expense Management and Utility Billing with consolidated reporting and benchmarking built into Voyager
  • ScreeningWorks Pro issues background checks for enhanced security and reliability

For diverse portfolios that include multifamily properties, Voyager Single Family Homes and Voyager Residential for multifamily operate within a single database, making it easy to work wisely and efficiently.

Learn more about the Single Family Homes suite.