Care Stream App

By on Jan 19, 2023 in Senior Living

We’re pleased to share a new round of updates in the Yardi EHR Care Stream App, our on-the-go platform for senior care staff. We’re continuously striving to improve our solutions in the Yardi Senior Living Suite, including the accompanying apps, and hope our clients enjoy the latest functionality Care Stream has to offer.

See below for a snapshot of what the update entails:

About Care Stream

As a brief overview, the Yardi EHR Care Stream app allows nurses and other senior care staff to access resident health records, perform order resolutions, execute point-of-care charting and more from a single, mobile platform. Care Stream is accessible on both smartphones and tablets, allowing more staff members to utilize the app depending what devices their community has available.

Taking a step back, Yardi EHR is our full-service electronic health record solution for senior living. Learn more about Yardi EHR.

New features and enhancements

Focusing on what’s new and improved in Care Stream, the app now includes the following functionality:

  • You can now view, add and edit daily log entries and progress notes in the app. In resident view, tap the new daily log or progress notes button below the resident header to add a new entry or to view previous entries
  • The add observation button (for initiating one-step assessments) has been replaced by an observation button located between the new daily log and progress notes buttons
  • You can now view and record vital signs in the app. In resident view, tap the new vitals button below the resident header to record a new vital or view a filterable list of previously recorded vitals

Download the app

As always, these updates were developed with client feedback in mind, and to help senior care staff succeed. We hope you enjoy! To download the Yardi EHR Care Stream app, visit the Google Play Store or the App Store.

If you’d like to learn more about Yardi EHR and Care Stream, reach out to our senior living team.