Support Residents’ Wellbeing

By on Apr 24, 2024 in Senior Living

Did you know we offer a comprehensive community wellness solution for senior living? Meet RentCafe Wellness — which enables you to support your residents’ wellbeing with online activity calendars, attendance tracking, real-time information sharing and more.

What makes RentCafe Wellness a differentiator?

Integrated with key elements in the Yardi Senior Living Suite, RentCafe Wellness is a single connected solution that helps you manage your community wellness initiatives. From activity scheduling to creating custom event calendars, the dynamic online platform makes it easy to support residents’ health and wellbeing.

Functionality in RentCafe Wellness equips you to:   

Schedule activities. Maximize efficiency by scheduling and marketing wellness activities with the ability to flag registration as required or optional, create recurring activities and set registration fees. Need to make changes such as adding new activities or updating the location? Staff can make modifications directly in the platform, with updates automatically flowing into the RentCafe Senior Living Portal (when licensed) for residents and family members to see.

Keep families connected. Help family members see which activities residents are attending directly in RentCafe Senior Living Portal. Information populates in the portal in real time, allowing families to monitor the wellbeing of their loved ones continuously. Want to set parameters on who can view resident data? Staff can securely control which family members may view and register for wellness activities on a resident’s behalf.

Create digital calendars. Create and display customized, resident-facing calendars to announce upcoming wellness opportunities. Offer a single calendar per community or multiple calendars per community by care. Easily designate which details remain consistent and which vary month to month. For added convenience, you can publish your digital calendars for residents and families to see in RentCafe Senior Living Portal. Prefer to use paper? Quickly export calendars to Word or PDF documents to print and share across your community.

Enable online payments. Allow residents and responsible parties to pay for wellness activities directly in RentCafe Wellness. When you license Yardi Payment Processing, activity charges are paid just like other community charges with a one-time monthly ACH, debit or credit card payment, or by setting up autopay. Reduce errors and save time by automating activity charge batches.

Empower staff. Boost productivity among community staff by enabling the management of calendar content, design and publication, as well as activity registration and attendance tracking — all from a single platform. RentCafe Wellness simplifies staff workflows, saves time and presents an efficient method for sharing upcoming wellness opportunities. Intuitive dashboards and KPIs help staff track RSVPs and attendance, identify changes in resident behavior and forecast staffing needs.

Ready to see more?

If you’re looking for more information on RentCafe Wellness, check out our quick infographic. Have questions or ready to book a demo? Reach out to team Yardi.