Senior Living Spotlight

By on Apr 1, 2024 in Senior Living

Did you catch our senior living spotlight at this year’s virtual Yardi Advanced Solutions Conference (YASC)? Our team shared some exciting updates on what’s new in the Yardi Senior Living Suite, which we’ll recap below.

As always, we thank our clients who provided thoughtful feedback to make these updates possible.

See what’s new with our senior living software

Our senior living spotlight began with a general update from Ray Elliott, vice president of senior living at Yardi. In addition to recapping recent enhancements in the Yardi Senior Living Suite — Ray also shared what the roadmap looks like for the coming year.

Clients received information on:  

Voyager 8: as the next generation of our flagship community management solution, Voyager 8 includes a simplified user interface, more intuitive workflows, improved navigation and more. Ray highlighted how Voyager 8 sits on our angular platform, which allows for navigating to different Senior Living Suite products easier than ever. “With Voyager 8, all of these products sit on the same platform,” shared Ray. “It’s a much more contemporary platform — it’s faster, better and more scalable for our clients.” Additionally, Ray noted how the migration from Voyager 7S to Voyager 8 is a seamless transition for existing clients. “It’s going from one version to the other without a lot of additional work on your side,” he explained.

Virtuoso: this is our brand-new artificial intelligence (AI) platform. Adaptable with Voyager 8, Virtuoso animates the entire Yardi suite of products by leveraging machine learning, generative AI, natural language and large language models.

Learn about RentCafe Senior CRM IQ

Next up was an overview of RentCafe Senior CRM IQ, a new product evolved from RentCafe Senior CRM. Led by Candace Seidle, senior team leader of CRM consulting, clients learned what functionality to expect — plus they got a sneak peek at the fresh user interface. At its core, Senior CRM IQ is designed to help clients manage leads effectively, optimize workflows and boost occupancy.

Clients received information on: 

The communication hub: this equips you to see all your communications in one convenient place, at any moment, and easily call, email and text prospects. The communication hub automatically creates an activity for these items as well — and the conversations tab lists the outcomes.  

Campaigns: new functionality makes it easy to send email and text blasts, then track successes such as click and open rates. You have access to premade templates, or you can create campaigns on your own.

Dashboards: well-loved dashboards from RentCafe Senior CRM will still exist in Senior CRM IQ. The waitlist dashboard has been enhanced with better functionality, such as more extensive options for placing prospects on the waitlist. Clients can also look forward to a brand-new dashboard for reviewing all digital documents.

Explore the latest in Yardi EHR & eMAR

Ellen Lins, manager of EHR consulting, led the next portion of the session covering enhancements in Yardi EHR and eMAR. Every new feature works to help staff streamline daily tasks and deliver better resident care.

For EHR, clients received information on: 

Digital signatures: with a new “document signature” profile section, users can get graphical data representation of their existing signature workflows, start new workflows or manage pending workflows. 

Bulk care planning and simplified care plan view: bulk care planning allows you to add needs, goals and actions (NGAs) to care plans at the community or care level. For the simplified care plan view, there is an improved display of NGA items.

Progress notes and reporting: three enhancements have been made to progress notes, including an updated filter, strike-out functionality and linked progress notes. For reporting, the username (often an email address) currently displays on some areas of the reports. The username will now be replaced with last name, first name, MI if present and certification if present, followed by date and time stamp.

The incidents app: the app’s incident view will now mirror the browser view. This allows clients to see the same incident workflows and checklists that the browser view offers.

For eMAR, clients received information on: 

The “something else happened” list: admins can now add to or edit this list, ensuring the options are set to meet their organizational needs.

Order resolution queue: two new buttons have been added, including the ability to “select all” and “bulk select.” These enable selecting all messages that need to be archived, allowing for quicker and easier management of the order resolution queue.

Learn about EHR interfaces and interoperability

The senior living spotlight ended with an interoperability update from Fil Southerland, director of health care solutions.

Clients received information on: 

Interoperability initiatives: updates include a new pharmacy integration, a roll out of medical device integrations, broader health care interfaces enabled by Kno2 and more. Focusing on Kno2, Fil explained how the connection to Yardi EHR helps you meet state HIE requirements, streamline resident move-ins, digitize care transactions, enable secure communication among care providers, participate in value-based care reimbursement models and finally, access the new national interoperability framework.

Digital leases and electronic signatures: enhancements have been made to help digitize your entire leasing workflow. We import your existing paper based documents, then auto-populate all the data fields. We’re able to pull in deposits, recurring leases, concessions and more — reducing the risk of errors. Digital signatures can be completed in RentCafe Senior Living Portal, or manual signatures can be facilitated and tracked as well.

Product engagement tracking: as you implement digital leases, we can actively monitor your lease performance parameters. We’ll work with your implementation and support team to ensure your success.  

Learn more from team Yardi

We hope you enjoyed learning about updates in the Yardi Senior Living Suite! Existing senior living clients can visit client central for a limited time to watch the senior living spotlight recording.

If you’re new to our solutions and interested in learning more, we encourage you to watch an on-demand webinar.