Perspectives on Driving Tech Adoption

By on Mar 25, 2024 in Senior Living

We’re back for part two of our senior living blog series, where we share our perspectives on themes from Argentum’s recent technology survey.

So far, we’ve covered the survey results and our take on silo-busting (replacing disparate systems with integrated, interoperable software). Today’s post is all about the next theme: Capital to drive technology adoption.

In short, operators currently see limited capital as a barrier to adopting integrated technology — but their appetite for adoption is strong. And when asked what’s most important when vetting new solutions, their answer was simple: proven return on investment (ROI).

Read on as we delve deeper into the survey results — and share how the Yardi Senior Living Suite offers maximum ROI.

Capital to drive technology adoption: The importance of ROI

For today’s operators, financial constraints act as barriers to adoption, deployment and effective utilization of integrated technology solutions. This was agreed upon by more than 50% of survey respondents, according to Argentum.

That said, operators are confident that moving forward with integrated technology is crucial. They require proven ROI, though, when evaluating potential solutions. Nearly two-thirds of survey respondents deemed ROI as critical when vetting new software.

Respondents also shared their priority “shopping list” in the search for integrated technology. This included integrating outcome data and health records, as well as building out a comprehensive data infrastructure for analytics.

See how the Yardi Senior Living Suite optimizes ROI

Plain and simple, by uniting every solution you need on a single integrated platform, the Yardi Senior Living Suite maximizes your ROI. You eliminate the need to license disparate software systems — which lowers your total cost of ownership and offers added benefits like time savings, prevention of data-entry errors, streamlined workflows and more.

As it relates to the Argentum survey, here’s a glimpse of key integrations within the Yardi Senior Living Suite — all of which offer unmatched ROI:

Yardi Voyager Senior Housing and RentCafe Senior CRM: access readily updated unit availability, create electronic leases with ease and utilize a comprehensive leasing workflow.

Yardi Voyager Senior Housing and Yardi EHR: capture all care cost data — and view changes in care instantly — in one secure place.

RentCafe Senior CRM and Yardi EHR: enjoy a database that centralizes the entire resident story through their prospect-to-resident journey, equipping caregivers to streamline assessments.

Yardi EHR, eMAR and pharmacies: optimize orders by facilitating seamless communication between caregivers and pharmacy partners.

Yardi Senior IQ and all of the above: unlock a business intelligence solution that automatically collects data from tools across the Senior Living Suite, including outcome data related to CRM and EHR, as well as financial analytics.

Hear from Yardi clients, connect with our team

We know proven ROI is what operators need most, so we invite you to reach out to our senior living team. We’ll give you a personalized, in-depth demo of our solutions to show exactly how they maximize your ROI.

In the meantime, our fantastic clients can speak to their experience with our solutions. Explore Yardi senior living client success stories, case studies and testimonial videos to see how they’re building success and boosting ROI.

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