Perspectives on Silo-Busting

By on Mar 15, 2024 in Senior Living

According to a recent Argentum survey, today’s senior living organizations recognize the need for integrated, interoperable software.  

Argentum — a leading association serving companies that own, operate and support senior living communities — conducted the survey to assess where operators’ priorities lie when it comes to technology. Four key themes (including the importance of “silo-busting” and the need for integrated technology) emerged from the report.

We’re all about keeping the pulse on the senior living landscape, so we’re releasing a blog series that delves into each theme. And as a leading provider of senior living management software, we’re sharing our perspectives along the way.

Read on for our perspectives on the first theme — silo-busting — and stay tuned for the posts to come.  

Silo-busting: The power of integration and interoperability

As Argentum puts it, cohesive and integrated technology solutions are needed more than ever in the senior living industry. Among survey respondents, there was near unanimous consent on this — with majority calling attention to the need for silo-busting.

Respondents also shared the barriers they see in getting there, citing the industry’s struggle with software incompatibility, lack of interoperability and resistance to change.

Argentum notes how the call for silo-busting goes beyond reaching smoother operations in senior living communities. At its core, it’s a “strategic imperative for achieving comprehensive resident health management, which is critical for future participation in value-based care.” The survey respondents shed light on this, with only 23.5% stating they have a comprehensive view of resident health outcomes with their current technology.

Meet our fully integrated solution

We agree that senior living software needs the power of integration and interoperability. Both are needed to effectively centralize resident health data, promote accuracy, enhance care services and more.

We prioritize both in the Yardi Senior Living Suite, our single connected solution that unites every tool you need in one place. Uniquely designed to meet the needs of senior living operators, the suite of integrated tools is hosted on a HIPAA and SOX-compliant platform. That includes financials, care, pharmacy, marketing, business intelligence and more. With Yardi, you say goodbye to the challenges associated with siloed solutions — and reap the benefits of working with the industry’s most trusted cloud provider.

More specifically, when you partake in silo-busting and implement a fully integrated solution like ours, you’re equipped to save time, reduce costs, prevent errors, streamline operations and most importantly, improve resident care outcomes.

Learn more about the value of integrated tools in the Yardi Senior Living Suite.

Explore our interoperable platform

We’ve covered that our solutions unite on a single platform, but what about seamless data exchange between information systems? On the care side we have Yardi EHR, our interoperable electronic health record solution, which channels interoperability through a range of verified interface partners. That means comprehensive data automatically flows to and from Yardi EHR in real time.

Our partnership with Kno2 — a leading health information platform — allows you to seamlessly connect Yardi EHR to all outside providers, HIEs and health systems. And depending on your license, additional features may include Kno2-to-Kno2 messaging, online identity verification, Kno2 and national provider directories, message handling, unstructured document quality control tools and more. The connection between Yardi EHR and Kno2 ultimately aligns with value-based care initiatives — and offers you better visibility into residents’ overall health management.

Additional health interfaces supported by Yardi EHR include a nurse call system, dietary management platform, infection control solution and more.

Learn more about the power of interoperability in Yardi EHR.

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We encourage you to read more of Argentum’s report and check out the next post in our series. Agree on the importance of silo-busting and ready to explore our single connected solution? Reach out to our senior living team.