New features!

By on Oct 27, 2022 in Senior Living

Ready for new functionality in the Yardi Senior Living Suite? Our latest release (7.17) is available now — including updates to Voyager Senior Housing, RentCafe Senior CRM, Yardi EHR and eMAR.

First things first, before we share a highlight of the new features, a warm thank you to our senior living clients! Your feedback powers each release, 7.17 included.

See below for a brief overview of updates to each product, then watch the accompanying webinars to learn more.

Voyager Senior Housing

We’re excited to share what 7.17 offers in Voyager Senior Housing, including a redesigned rent roll, newly-available rentable items, trust fund accounting updates as well as general ETL and reporting enhancements. Additionally, Voyager Senior Housing now integrates with our dynamic maintenance solution, Maintenance IQ.

Watch the Voyager Senior Housing webinar.

RentCafe Senior CRM

Access greater community performance insights with a new speed to lead report and reimagined listing analytics in RentCafe Senior CRM — all thanks to 7.17! Enhanced proposal concessions help you meet the greater needs of your business. Boost efficiency by adding custom forms to activity screens. Make the most of RentCafe Conversations by using features like bulk texting, email tracking and automated text follow-ups directly in RentCafe Senior CRM.

Watch the RentCafe Senior CRM webinar.

Yardi EHR and eMAR

How is 7.17 improving our care solutions? Starting with Yardi EHR, you can now initiate and track digital signatures for any document or report with an enhanced digital signature workflow. Also benefit from a new immunizations screen, resident header updates like a customizable storyboard and multiple care stream enhancements. You can chart in care stream on non-resident tasks, such as common area cleaning and medcart restocks, meaning the system now accounts for all caregiver time to help administrators with scheduling. Lastly, enjoy the ability to create multiple chart-based billing batches each month, controlling which residents are included in each.

Watch the Yardi EHR/eMAR webinar.

For Yardi eMAR, experience a new, customizable dashboard with KPIs for administration and order information, then enjoy care stream updates like the option to add progress notes while charting and a med preparation feature. Access a new admin history report and lastly, the ability to schedule tasks for an outside service, spouse or family member without charting them.  

Watch the Yardi EHR/eMAR webinar.

Get more details

In addition to joining the webinars above, clients can access a complete list of new features documentation by visiting the Help Center in Client Central and selecting New Features.

We hope you enjoy all that 7.17 has to offer! If any questions come up as you explore what’s new, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.