Healthy Luxury Living

By on Sep 5, 2013 in News

husdon yardsFor those familiar with the industry, Yardi client Related calls to mind images of grandeur: a wildly successful company that constructs towers that tickle the clouds of America’s most desirable cities. Related has come to embody the upper echelon of commercial and residential development. Without missing a beat, the company is also promoting health as a notable characteristic of the brand.

Related’s nationwide, smoke-free housing policy turned heads this summer. The nation’s largest privately held real estate development firm raised the bar by converting every property in its portfolio into a clean air haven. The conversion, estimated for completion within a few years, is the first of its kind in the US.

The development of the Hudson Yards megaproject adds another gem to the crown of Related’s healthy living plan. The site in the New West Side, as the neighborhood is being called, demonstrates grand scale gentrification of Manhattan’s water-front. Ultra-luxury goods and services will abound around the complex. Upscale shopping, world-class dining, and housing that offers breathtaking views of the city are only the basics of the project. Related’s sustainability efforts set this development apart from others of its kind.

hudson yards 2The towers will boast an energy efficient envelope for optimal climate control. Their ventilation design promotes natural air circulation. Hybrid heat pumps and fan coils offer cost-effective heating and cooling systems that put less stress on the power grid than their traditional counterparts.  Interior spaces that cater to natural sunlight will boost the moods of residents while on-site power ensures that occupants can enjoy business as usual even in the midst of natural disasters. Energy efficient fixtures, appliances, and finishes top off the design plans.

Related strives to provide eco-friendly and health-conscious facilities without sacrificing comfort. For more on the residential smoking ban and the Hudson Yard’s development, see Healthy Amenities: How to Walk the ‘Green’ Walk.