SMASH Summit 2019

By on Aug 29, 2019 in Events, News

Many people tend to think of senior living as a “sleepy” industry. Doesn’t move fast. Doesn’t change much. Doesn’t keep up with the latest trends in the market. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. As any professional in senior living would tell you, they’re keenly focused on the future – and the challenges and opportunities it brings.

It’s why hundreds flock to the SMASH summit every year. The conference, now in its sixth year, has quickly grown to become the leading event for sales and marketing executives from all sectors of senior care, from independent living to memory care to post-acute. Attendees get the chance to not only network with their fellow providers but also experts from outside the industry, those who are on the cutting edge of sales and marketing best practices and technology.

If you have even a passing interest in lead-converting, occupancy-growing strategies, you should make plans to attend. This year’s event is set for September 23-25 in Las Vegas. Yardi returns as a sponsor for the conference, so we hope to see you there.

Here’s just a few of the sessions you can look forward to:

How Marketing & Sales Can Work Together to Maximize Growth

Carlos Hidalgo, CEO of VisumCx, a customer experience firm, will take center stage for one of the keynote sessions this year. His talk, “How Marketing & Sales Can Work Together to Maximize Growth,” will explore how both teams must align or risk their organization falling behind. How do we qualify leads? How do we effectively pass them to sales? How do we strengthen the relationship to accelerate the entire process? Carlos will outline the steps you need to take to establish a lead management process that ensures your leads convert at a higher rate.

Digital DeCode: A Framework for Marketing Data

Without real numbers guiding you, you’re flying blind. But gathering clear insights from multiple sources of data is easier said than done. Fortunately, Jim Sterne knows a thing or two about data and marketing ROI. Director emeritus of the Digital Analytics Association, Jim will be hosting a workshop during SMASH on how to create a data management strategy for your organization. You’ll learn which metrics and KPIs are essential to keep an eye on – and how you can turn those numbers into practical marketing and sales intelligence to increase your speed to lead.

ED Talks

Ever watched a TED Talk? The ED Talks are SMASH’s take on the popular format, only faster and with more speakers. During these sessions, you can sit back and listen as six senior living solution providers take turns talking about how their products can help you raise your sales and marketing game. Each provider has seven minutes to speak, and you’ll be given a checklist so you can take notes during this rapid-fire roundtable.

Yardi’s very own J.R. Southerland, regional director of senior living, will be presenting during the CRM/Marketing Automation session of the ED Talks. J.R. will discuss Yardi Senior CRM, our mobile-friendly marketing solution designed to boost revenue and maximize occupancy at senior living communities.

If you’re interested in chatting with J.R. (or the rest of the Yardi team) at any point during the conference, be sure to let us know. Catch J.R. after his talk or simply schedule time to meet at your convenience.