5 Social Media Strategies

By on Jan 8, 2020 in Events, Marketing, News

Social media platforms and technologies have redefined how multifamily managers engage with customers to attract, convert and retain residents. According to one survey, people spend one-seventh of their time on social media. In a crowded online environment, does your corporate or property social media strategy have what it takes to stand out and get noticed? Get ready for 2020 with these five smart social media strategies.

Plan for the future by looking to your past. By analyzing current social performance data, setting realistic goals, and planning your social content calendar ahead of time, you’ll be set up for success in 2020.

Get started:

And if you’re new to social media marketing, here’s a great checklist on how to get started.

Beat the algorithms. Multifamily marketers are competing with crowded social platforms and everchanging algorithms. Get a head start on 2020 by considering these strategies:

  • New mediums, such as 3D photos, 360-degree videos and Facebook Live, are incentivized by Facebook, so being an early adopter is a smart move. This applies to other social networks too. Have you considered TikTok or Snapchat? As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. Those early to adopt can benefit from incentives like higher visibility and increased engagement rates.
  • Investing in quality photography across your social media accounts and website can benefit your brand by showcasing your resident culture in a highly visual way. Not only do high-quality photos and video perform better, but they also provide a glimpse of the experiences offered at your community. Consider hiring a professional or purchasing equipment to create high-quality photos.
  • Learn from top multifamily marketers and digital marketing experts at the 2020 Multifamily Social Media Summit. On Thursday, Jan. 9, join Kelley Shannon, the Bozzuto Group’s senior vice president of marketing & customer engagement and Esther Bonardi, vice president of marketing at Yardi Systems to understand how social media and digital reputation strategies have evolved, and what it will take to influence social savvy renters in 2020 and beyond.

Get personal with your customers. Personalized experiences between brands and customers is becoming the norm.

“Brands that haven’t focused on relationship marketing techniques will either spend more on their pay-to-play model or dive into building and hosting community conversations that create brand advocates and support a belonging vs. buying mindset,” says Jessika Phillips, social media strategist and founder of NOW Marketing Group, with Social Media Examiner.

Focusing on personalized service experiences will increase renter satisfaction and improve online reputation. Using smart marketing technologies can help businesses personalize the customer journey from lead to lease.

Make automation your friend. Smart marketers are using automation to be consistently present in today’s increasingly busy digital world. Marketing automation reduces repetitive tasks, tracks user behavior and delivers targeted content. Nudge marketing, online tour scheduling and automated follow-ups can help improve the lead-to-lease experience for prospects as well as resident retention. Implementing marketing automation tools can also free up staff to focus on customer care and the unique needs of prospects and residents.

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Continue to learn. Whether it’s attending conferences like the 2020 Multifamily Social Media Summit, tuning into marketing podcasts and webinars, or making it a habit to stay on top of industry news, investing in yourself is a great building block for success.