5 Easy Tips

By on Nov 30, 2018 in Marketing

Commercial property photos are notoriously unimaginative. Prospects have grown accustomed to mundane shots of empty spaces. But what if you offered something more interesting? Your property will gain the competitive advantage.

Below are five tips for better commercial property photography that will help you stand apart from the crowd.

Show Interactions, Not Spaces

All commercial spaces have a ceiling, walls, and a floor. Skip the boring space photos. Instead, showcase interactions and operations within the space. Here are a few examples:

  • Accentuate the room’s natural light by depicting an employee as she waters thriving, indoor plants near large windows
  • Capture a team effortlessly unloading packages on the spacious and updated loading dock
  • Emphasize your rapid WiFi availability with teams working simultaneously on their laptops and mobile devices
  • Highlight your services by showing a vendor removing a recycling bin from the site

Stage Like Sales Depend on It!

As you’ve gathered by now, staging a commercial space may require models and supplies. It could be worthwhile to invest in office furniture so that you can stage spaces now and in the future. Otherwise, you can find models, photographers, and props on sites like MuseCube, Model Mayhem, and OneSource Talent.

Commercial tenants want to see the potential of the space that you offer. If live staging is cost prohibitive, consider virtual staging. Virtual “renovations” are a great way to show potential uses for the space.

Showcase Versatility

Think beyond expected uses of the unit. Consider creative approaches for the space, such as coworking and CrossFit. By thinking outside of the box, you may attract a prospect that had not previously considered your site.

Location, Location, Location

Your property’s neighborhood may be a noteworthy part of your marketing efforts. Are there restaurants nearby that tenants may enjoy during lunch? What about parks where they can jog and unwind after work? While a list of these features is nice, photos say it best! Send your professional photographer out into the neighborhood to capture what it has to offer.

Remember: while stock photos are easy and may suffice in some cases, true-to-life photography is a better marketing tool.