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By on Dec 7, 2020 in Marketing, News

What is lead attribution and how can it help senior living community operators get the most out of their marketing spend?

Lead attribution is the process of determining how leads from a Facebook page, Google ad, directory listing or other source become associated with a property. Understanding all sources that a prospect touches on the path to becoming a resident can help property managers determine how to allocate their marketing money and staff resources most efficiently.

RentCafe Senior CRM illuminates lead attribution with a “lead journey” feature that shows how many prospects who became residents spent time on the Facebook page or follow a Google ad to the website. The lead attribution report, another element of the solution, analyzes data to reveal, among other things, the organization’s top sources for prospects. Other reports illustrate the top and bottom sources for resident conversions.

The system assigns scores for each source using attribution models that split prospects across the sources in their journey and includes prospects who submitted an inquiry and toured the community. Yardi Senior CRM scores all sources that contributed to a prospect’s inquiry, with full drilldown to the score’s elements.

Marketing managers might want more nuanced source information than just “property website” from a lead that comes into RentCafe Senior CRM from a website. What’s of greater value to them is the site the visitor was on when they clicked the link that brought them to their site. RentCafe Senior CRM tracks the true source of a lead journey when a prospect submit information from the “Contact us” of “Schedule a tour” page of a Yardi-hosted website.

With these data and analytics, which include each marketing touchpoint that contributed to a lease and not just the first source that generated the lead, sales teams can initiate more organized and responsive marketing campaigns and track prospect activity more precisely.

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