Improving Lives

By on Feb 10, 2023 in Giving

Yardi is committed to supporting the community in every city where our offices are housed. Each year, the company distributes philanthropic aid to organizations selected by its employees.

Center for Transforming Lives in Fort Worth, Texas. Center for Transforming Lives (CTL) works side-by-side with women and their children to disrupt the cycle of poverty by providing comprehensive housing services, early childhood education, economic mobility services, and clinical counseling, addressing their most critical needs.

Each year, CTL works with over 3,000 people in Tarrant County to provide comprehensive services that support their journey from poverty to prosperity. CTL’s services are trauma-informed, two-generational, and incorporate best practices rooted in nationally backed research to ensure women and children achieve long-term success.

In 2021, in partnership with The Center for Children’s Health led by Cook Childrens’ and other generous donors, CTL conducted surveys with families living in motels or extended stay properties throughout Tarrant County. Seventy families were surveyed on-site at motel locations. The findings of the survey included:

  • One-third of families surveyed had been living in a motel for more than 6 months
  • Single-parent women represented the majority of families surveyed
  • 67% of families were paying rent on a weekly basis and 17 percent were paying one night at a time

“In order to fully address the issue of homelessness in Tarrant County, our systems must look at the needs of these families living in motels when allocating funds and developing programs. At CTL, our comprehensive programs are trauma-informed, two generational, and incorporate best practices rooted in nationally backed research to ensure women and their children achieve long-term success,” said Carol Klocek, CEO of CTL.

Shicoviya, a single mother with three children, struggled until she came to the Center for Transforming Lives.

Onia’s Story

Four years ago, Onia became pregnant and, at the same time, was diagnosed with a complicated blood disorder that meant multiple hospital stays. Because of medical bills and missed days of work to care for her, Onia’s husband lost his job, and the family eventually lost their home. Once the baby was born, the family was thrust into homelessness.

Initially, Onia and her family moved into a motel and her husband took part-time work to make ends meet. They moved from motel to motel for multiple years and had two more children during this time. 

As the children grew older and housing instability persisted, their daughter was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and necessitated specialized education. They enrolled her in a local charter school and did everything they could to support her, but their two youngest boys were having health problems and not meeting developmental milestones either. Their daughter’s school encouraged them to get connected with Center for Transforming Lives.

“Onia visited the CTL and was immediately connected with our Child and Family Services. Her sons were enrolled in classes and provided with the early interventions needed to help advance their development both physically and socio-emotionally,” Klocek said.

“The Family Advocate aligned Onia and her husband with housing options, job opportunities and a variety of resources within the Fort Worth community. With safe and nurturing childcare secured, Onia was able to find stable housing and flexible employment with a tax office while pursuing a career in education and advocacy.”

Yardi Funds Make a Difference

Support from Yardi to CTL goes directly to support mothers and their children enrolled in CTL’s programs to disrupt the cycle of poverty. Programs include comprehensive housing, early childhood education, economic mobility, and clinical counseling services.

“We’ve been thrilled to have the generous support of Yardi. They truly believe in families who are working toward a better life,” Klocek said.

Yardi employees located in the Fort Worth area can get involved to support Center for Transforming Lives by volunteering their time. Opportunities include helping at the organization’s Resale Shop, reading to kids at a Child Development Centers, or helping with its Economic Mobility program as a financial coach, among others. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Chris Evans, Annual Program Manager, at [email protected].

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