OneGoal Student Summit

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OneGoal Metro Atlanta works with regional partner schools to develop their knowledge and capacity, resulting in more equitable and practical support for all students. Over the years, OneGoal has delivered real student impact.

TeamYardi Atlanta employees volunteer

2024 Atlanta Student Summit Conference

Hosted at Clayton State University, OneGoal brought 850 high school juniors and seniors from ten schools around the Atlanta metro area for a college and career exploration day. The event was full of energy and excitement as students began to envision what a path to higher education could look like for them—the day included planning for the future, using tools to define the path to higher education and personal connections with the OneGoal community. It allows students to explore various career paths, and postsecondary options and engage with colleges and technical schools at an Opportunity Fair.

#TeamYardi of the Atlanta Relief Team contributed significantly to this event by assisting with setup/organization, welcoming committees, lunch support, cleanup, and even featuring entrepreneurs who shared their experiences and lessons learned.

“We successfully fulfilled every request made to us, contributing to the nonprofit cause and investing in the future workforce and our communities,” exclaimed Amy Mojica, relief suite team Atlanta case supervisor.

The entrepreneurs who shared their experiences:

Yardi employees at panel

Scott Mclean, Senior Manager for Yardi Relief Suite

Robyn Woods Green Jacket, Yardi consultant  

Ternisa Kirk, Black Jacket, Case Auditor

Janice Wells, pink Jacket, Case Auditor

The Yardi Relief Team is a Yardi group that assists states, counties, and cities in managing federal and state funds to help communities in need. This assistance encompasses mortgage, rental, and utility aid as well as other forms of support to facilitate Treasury, Department of Energy, and other community service block grants.

Yardi looks forward to more events with OneGoal and future community events!

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