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Yardi-supported nonprofit CAPSA (Citizens Against Physical and Sexual Abuse), was founded in 1976 in Logan, Utah.


CAPSA is at the forefront of confronting domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape within communities across northern Utah and southern Idaho. Their mission transcends providing stats. It is about catalyzing real and lasting change in the lives of those trapped by cycles of violence and abuse—a challenge that knows no borders.

“Domestic and sexual violence are pervasive issues that cut across all demographics, impacting countless lives in both visible and hidden ways. These are not just personal or private issues but societal ones that demand comprehensive responses,” explains James Boyd, chief development and marketing officer.

CAPSA is dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions that offer safety, empowerment and healing for survivors. Its comprehensive suite of services includes:

  • Emergency shelter
  • 24/7 crisis support
  • Clinical therapy
  • Transitional housing- tailored to meet survivors where they are.

Beyond these services, CAPSA is building more robust, more resilient communities through prevention education and advocacy and fostering an environment that encourages survivors to reclaim their autonomy and craft their pathways to recovery.

“In the face of growing demands for our services, CAPSA remains unwavering in our commitment to transforming despair into hope and fear into security. We aim to support survivors in their immediate crises and equip them with the tools and resources they need for a future free from violence,” said Boyd.

Through collaboration, innovation and community engagement, CAPSA is not only just addressing the symptoms of domestic and sexual violence but also working to eradicate its roots.

“Our partnership with supporters like Yardi is instrumental in scaling our impact, enabling us to reach more individuals in need and to continue our mission of creating safe, empowered communities worldwide. Together, we can forge a future where violence and abuse are relics of the past,” expressed Boyd.

Raising Awareness

CAPSA client and mentor

CAPSA continues its growth trajectory to meet the escalating needs of the community. Last year, the number of individuals seeking its services increased by 23%, and as its fiscal year draws to a close, it anticipates an even higher rate of growth. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, the support only reaches a fraction of those entangled in abusive relationships or grappling with the aftermath of trauma.

Essential resources such as shelter, housing, and clinical therapy are vital for ensuring the safety and healing of those CAPSA serves. With the community’s backing, CAPSA aims to continue raising awareness about domestic and sexual violence. CAPSA has delivered education to schools and community groups for over twenty years. It has more recently intensified its efforts to extend these educational programs into businesses since it knows many individuals whose homes are unsafe and whose workplaces are their sole sanctuary.

“Education is a powerful tool; the more we invest in community awareness initiatives, the higher the demand for our services grows. It’s a cycle of awareness leading to action—the more people are informed about the available support, the more empowered they feel to seek it out,” Boyd explained.

Funding from Yardi has totaled over $90,000 over the years of supporting CAPSA and has been pivotal in the empowerment and support of survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. The partnership has significantly enhanced CAPSA’s ability to provide emergency shelter, clinical therapy, and educational outreach services, impacting thousands of lives.

“In a country where 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men face domestic violence or sexual abuse in their lifetime, Yardi’s support is more than financial: it’s a beacon of hope,” said Boyd. He continued, “It allows us to extend our reach, empower more survivors to escape abuse and embark on healing journeys. Thank you, Yardi, for being an integral part of our journey toward a future free from violence and abuse.”

Thank You

Yardi’s support has a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families fleeing domestic and sexual violence. One recent example of the effects can be found in a thank-you note from a family whose lives were transformed by CAPSA’s services:

“I cannot express enough how deeply grateful I am for your support. Our situation was overwhelming, bringing a level of stress that I never thought possible. CAPSA has been an incredible blessing for my family, and I want you to know that your hard work and dedication have made a world of difference in our lives. Thanks to your help, my family has been given the chance to rebuild and reclaim their lives. It has been years since I’ve seen my son smile genuinely, and today, his joy was so radiant that it lit up the room.”

This family’s journey from despair to hope vividly illustrates the transformative impact of CAPSA’s comprehensive approach. This family and many others find the strength to heal and grow through close collaboration with caseworkers, youth advocates, and clinical therapists and having a safe place in CAPSA’s emergency shelter and transitional housing.

“Yardi’s backing is a powerful acknowledgment of the essential nature of our work and the complexities of our mission,” shared Boyd.

He continues, “It is a tribute to the profound human stories that drive our efforts. Your support honors the quiet bravery of a woman, tearfully summoning the courage to seek help; it recognizes the resilience of a child learning to love without violence and to regulate their emotions. It also respects the strength of young men healing from the scars of trafficking, whose stories remain untold,” Boyd explained.

“This support is a deep affirmation that behind every statistic lies a story of human strength and the pursuit of dignity. We are immensely thankful for Yardi’s unwavering commitment.”

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