Supporting Mental Health

By on Dec 4, 2023 in Technology

When you offer employees continuous support, recognition and opportunities for growth, you’re creating a positive work environment. And when people are surrounded by positivity, it can massively impact their mental health for the better.

Yardi Aspire Mental Health Real Estate

So, how can you offer that support and recognition? We have a solution built for the task: Yardi Aspire, our user-friendly learning management solution. Regardless of which real estate market you serve — from multifamily to commercial to senior living — Aspire helps you deliver personalized training, connect teams and reward staff for their accomplishments.

Best of all, it’s accessible from a single online platform, meaning your teams can reap the benefits anytime, from anywhere. Ready to see how it works?

Meet Yardi Aspire

Aspire is a comprehensive learning management solution that delivers interactive, experiential training (and much more) directly in the Yardi platform. Employees access a wide array of personalized courses, live events, company resources and reward programs, all in one intuitive place.

Watch a webinar to learn more about Aspire.

Support employees’ mental health using one solution

Wondering exactly how Aspire helps you create a positive work environment — enhancing employees’ wellbeing as a result? With this dynamic solution, you offer your teams: 

A sense of community, inclusion and belonging — Aspire enables classroom discussions, interactive group projects, live communication and instant messaging (thanks to a Microsoft Teams and Aspire chat integration).

Tools for accomplishment, mastery and recognition — to help you validate and recognize staff for their achievements, Aspire includes a leaderboard, digital badges, points-based rewards, certificates of completion and customizable, level-up learning plans.

Encouragement and constructive feedback — delivering personalized, thoughtful feedback is easy with Aspire’s video coaching option. Aspire’s mentorship program also helps employees receive one-on-one feedback and support.

Ease and convenience — Aspire is a user-friendly, accessible platform with intuitive navigation, visibility controls and easy-to-use dashboards. With everything conveniently located on a single platform, employees can revisit and reabsorb content whenever they’d like.

Flexibility — Aspire’s elective assignments and optional trainings give employees the flexibility, freedom and confidence to drive their own learning destiny.

Continue learning about Aspire

Have questions about Aspire’s unique features? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. In the meantime, don’t forget to register for an on-demand webinar.           

If you’re searching for additional resources on mental health awareness and support, check out these digital sharables by the National Institute of Mental Health.