Unlock Your Leasing Team’s Potential

By on Apr 2, 2024 in Technology

Take your leasing team’s performance to the next level with Yardi Aspire — our user-friendly learning management solution built to revolutionize employee development. In the dynamic realm of property leasing, where each interaction holds significance, it’s essential to ensure your team excels in all aspects of leasing.

With Aspire’s course assignment tool automatically delivering tailored content from its 10 course micro-learning series on leasing essentials, you can streamline your leasing training process with ease — propelling your team toward success.

Maximize your leasing professionals’ potential

Aspire helps companies seamlessly integrate third-party secret shop scores, or internally collected shop data, into their long-term training strategy. Secret shops are popular in the industry because they provide invaluable insights on employee performance, detailed scores in critical areas such as warm greetings, information gathering and timely tour invitations.

By automating the assignment of micro-training courses, Aspire helps companies centralize that data and take the next step forward. Imagine a system where areas for improvement are recorded and relevant training is assigned automatically. With Aspire, this isn’t just a concept — it’s a reality.

Our short, customizable leasing essentials courses focus on specific improvement areas highlighted in the shop report, ensuring targeted and effective skill enhancement. By leveraging Aspire’s automated approach to skill development, companies can maximize the value of their investment in shop services and other employee evaluation techniques. The dynamic solution helps you proactively address skill gaps with a personalized approach.

Explore leasing courses in Aspire

In today’s competitive leasing market, staying ahead requires continuous refinement of your team’s abilities. Aspire empowers companies to achieve precisely that — offering an innovative, efficient and automated solution to leasing agent performance development that is unique to the individual.

Aspire’s leasing essentials courses include:

Leasing Essentials: Phone Skills — Examine the techniques needed for successful phone conversations with prospective residents. We’ll discuss using proper phone greetings with prospects, gathering contact information and asking probing questions.

Leasing Essentials: Promoting a Property by Phone — Learn the four aspects of promoting your property to prospects over the phone. We’ll discuss how to showcase property features, overcome objections, schedule a tour and close with the prospect. 

Leasing Essentials: Building Rapport With Prospects by Phone — Discover the three parts of building rapport with a prospect on the phone. 

Leasing Essentials: Responding to Internet Inquiries — Explore six strategies for responding to internet leasing inquiries from prospects.  

Leasing Essentials: Preparing for Tours — Find out how preparation of the leasing office, property and unit impacts the success of a property tour with prospective residents.

Leasing Essentials: Greeting a Prospect for Tours — See the three best practices for greeting a prospect. Following these recommendations can help you have greater success when conducting a tour. 

Leasing Essentials: Gathering Prospect Information for Tours — Unlock the three parts of gathering prospect information prior to a property tour including setup, asking questions and implementing fair housing laws. We also explain the techniques associated with each part of the discussion.

Leasing Essentials: Conducting a Successful Tour — Review how to conduct a successful property tour with a prospect. We recommend strategies for each part of a tour including touring the property, touring the home and addressing prospect concerns.

Leasing Essentials: Closing With a Prospect — Determine the five steps for closing with a prospect during and after a property tour.  

Leasing Essentials: Following Up With a Prospect — Find out when and how often to follow up with a prospect. We also explain best practices for common follow-up methods including email, phone call or text. 

Start your journey with Aspire

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We’re passionate about helping you unleash the full potential of your workforce — and witness your leasing success reach new horizons.