Affordable Housing Training

By on Jun 6, 2024 in Technology

When it comes to mastering the complex processes of affordable housing, staying up-to-date and compliant is easier than ever only when you have access to effective training resources.

Patty Evans, industry principal, Yardi Aspire

That’s where Yardi Aspire comes in. From bite-sized courses to personalized learning plans with unlimited user access, Aspire delivers unlimited user access to unparalleled training content. This can elevate the skills of your housing specialists, accountants, front office staff, maintenance teams and more. 

One of the primary visionaries behind Aspire’s affordable housing training development is Patty Evans, industry principal for Yardi. She has been with Yardi for more than two decades with a focus on training Yardi team members and software users.

Evans recently shared insights about Aspire as she considered the benefits of the Yardi affordable housing training solution.

Here are the five stand-out takeaways:

Shorter content is more engaging

In Patty’s expert opinion, shorter content is much more effective in capturing and retaining the attention of learners. This is because each Aspire course encourages them to apply key information and practice a specific skill in just a few minutes. 

“That’s why Aspire’s courses average just 12 minutes compared to other training providers that offer lengthier courses that take anywhere from 30 minutes up to 25 hours to complete. Studies show that longer training programs are the leading cause of learner fatigue, which reduces the likelihood of training completion,” says Evans.

Aspire’s micro courses, paired with immediate recognition like rewards and badges, encourage continuous skill development and positive learning habits. This creates an ongoing cycle of “learning and earning” throughout a user’s career.

Shorter courses do not mean less content 

While affordable housing training courses in Aspire are usually quick to complete, that doesn’t mean there is any lack of overall content. 

Aspire has more than 72 hours of online training content for affordable housing industry professionals. That’s far above the available training hours offered by most other major affordable housing training providers. And this is just for the affordable-specific content!

Simply add hundreds of hours of interactive training on other essential topics, including HR/compliance, safety and prevention, leadership, professional skills and more.

Bite-sized courses are more flexible and accessible

Aspire’s modular courses allow companies to select and assign content that is appropriate for their employees compared to the one-size fits all course assignments you get with other providers. This grants employees more time to focus on topics that align with their path and skip the content that does not apply.

All course assignments can be completed within the learning management solution or by using Aspire’s mobile app — making learning even more accessible.

Aspire’s Affordable catalog covers a wide range of housing types 

The Aspire catalog of affordable housing training includes instructional materials for multiple programs and subsidies.

Unlike other training systems that focus exclusively on the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program, Aspire offers compliance training tools for the full array of affordable housing programs and topics. These include Section 8, combined subsidies, Rural Development, HOME, HUD 50059, Fair Housing, VAWA, MOR inspection preparation and HOTMA (coming soon).

Training without limitations eliminates the barriers

One of the biggest benefits of Aspire is the unlimited access to training content, providing endless opportunities for staff development. Yardi achieves this by avoiding pricing on a named user basis and content pricing packages.

All Aspire content is unlimitedly available to licensed organizations. This allows clients to freely choose which employees can access the content without user licenses restrictions.

Additionally, there’s no need for sharing credentials, which can compromise security and make it difficult to track individual learning progress. Even better, Aspire integrates with YardiOne — Yardi’s single sign on solution — so your employees don’t need to memorize yet another username and password.

“We create maximum learner engagement through use of modular, bite-sized courses complemented with rewards, badges and certificates. Aspire ensures seamless accessibility through multiple channels, including our mobile app and Yardi software integration.” 

Patty Evans, industry principal, Yardi Aspire

It’s easy to get started with Aspire 

How could your affordable housing team benefit from effective and easily accessible online training?

Check out what Ebonye Edwards said about how ALCO Management uses Aspire to train their Affordable Housing workforce. You will discover that Aspire is much more than just a tool for assigning online training courses, but it serves as a centralized employee hub where your team can come together to learn, collaborate and grow.

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