People Focused

By on Mar 26, 2019 in People

Aarty Sonambekar, a director with Yardi’s Global Solutions team, believes the secret to her success is understanding people. Based in Yardi’s Pune office, she focuses on the company mission to “take care of our clients” and “take care of our employees.” Growth naturally follows.

Her team of nearly 90 PSG consultants, account managers and technical resources are responsible for supporting clients across Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Each interaction, she said, gives her a better opportunity to understand client needs and how to meet them.yard-global-solutions-manager-from-pune

“My role helps me to be in touch with clients in the Asia Pacific region,” Aarty told us. “This gives me better insight of how the product is used and how we can actually partner the clients in their growth. Making the same product work for different clients across different countries is both fun and challenging.”

“Managing teams also helps me interact with different people on daily basis, study their reactions and understand them,” she added.

The human-centric approach has served her well in more than 13 years with the company. That isn’t to say that she has always enjoyed smooth sailing. Aarty has encountered her fair share of challenges. “A major challenge is being able to multi-task and handle multiple projects at the same time,” she said. “I am getting a better hand over it by improving my time management techniques.”

Mastering time and task management are lessons that can never be learned too soon, and they can always be improved upon. “My advice to my 20-year-old self would be ‘First thing first.’ This helps one to prioritize things according to importance. It improves focus and brings in the virtue of systematization,” said Aarty.

Nourished by Creativity

For Aarty, balancing her technical work with creative expression is key to staying focused and productive.

“I am indulged in various hobbies,” she smiled. “This helps me to stay relaxed and a relaxed mind can always be far more productive. Recently, I have been learning Indian classical singing.”

Some of her favorite pieces to practice are the Indian ragas, sets of notes on a scale that are arranged in melodies suitable for improvisation. There are 83 classical ragas, six of which are honored as primary ragas.

“I like practicing all the Indian ragas. My favorite amongst the ones I learnt is raga ‘Bageshree,’” said Aarty.

“Singing is a wonderful way of relaxing my mind,” she continued. “When you sing Indian classical, you cannot sing the ragas until you really focus on it. It helps me to stop thinking about the problems that I have been facing the whole day either in office or home. This is refreshing and relaxing. When I go back to work, I am much more relaxed and can solve the problems much faster.”
“Sometimes you need to defocus to be able to focus better,” she concluded.

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