Octavio Lizarraga Pescador

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Yardi Employee Profile

Yardi’s global offices make essential contributions to property management and investors worldwide. Meet Octavio Lizarraga Pescador, associate account manager for the Yardi Breeze CSD team, who hails from the Santa Ana office.

Meet Octavio Lizarraga Pescador

Octavio Lizarraga Pescador has been working at Yardi for almost two years. His work hours consist primarily of directly assisting clients with Breeze and Breeze Premier implementations. Pescador hosts about four one-hour Zoom meetings with clients daily, in which he assists them with setting up the software or provides training on how to use some of its functionalities. When he is not in meetings, he writes up recaps for clients to summarize what was covered on the previous call or is testing some client inquiries. Along with assisting clients, he also attends internal training, strengthening his understanding of Breeze and Breeze Premier providing better insights for his clients.

“I believe the functionality Breeze brings to our clients in terms of being able to manage their properties more efficiently plays a very important aspect for everyone involved,” says Pescador.

Pescador believes that the work everyone does at Yardi impacts many individuals. From the delivery of financial reports to critical real estate decision-makers to the urgency of response whenever a tenant submits a new maintenance request through the tenant portals, Yardi’s products provide a solution to many essential property management needs.

“This is what I enjoy most about my work at Yardi. I enjoy assisting and playing a very important role in implementing Yardi’s solutions for our clients,” explained Pescador.

Positive Vibes Only

Ever since Pescador joined Yardi, he has felt a positive and assistive corporate culture from both leadership and colleagues. Everyone is so willing to help with any question needed. If there is a functionality that one may not be familiar with, everyone is happy to assist with understanding the functionality and provide recommendations on how to help the client. The overall supportive atmosphere plays a vital role in motivation.

“It is this quality that makes Yardi’s corporate culture very strong. Since everyone helps each other become better, the whole company gets stronger,” expressed Pescador.

Pescador feels that Yardi is a very supportive company from leadership to colleagues, “If you have a question you would like to ask management, you don’t have to go through a bureaucracy to get the answer you need. You can just reach out to your team lead, who will help provide any insight needed.”

Yardi is hiring globally! Interested prospective employees can explore opportunities on the Careers site.

Blast from the Past

When Octavia Lizarraga Pescador is not working at Yardi, he enjoys being physically fit. He goes hiking once a week in Orange County and enjoys swimming and strength training thrice weekly for longevity and health. Apart from hiking and swimming, he also enjoys visiting antique shops to see what fantastic items from the past he can find.

“I am most interested in antique stationary items and enjoy practicing calligraphy whenever time permits.”

Pescador also loves to watch sci-fi movies on Netflix or in theaters. And mainly on the weekends, you can find him trying out a new restaurant or viewing stand-up comedy in Los Angeles.

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