A-Team, Unite!

By on Nov 9, 2017 in People

Jessica Krisher, Director of Affordable Housing CSD at Yardi, creates tiny blue “A-Team Flags” by hand. Traditionally, support team members that completed compliance and subsidy certifications received the flags. When they had a question, they would raise the flag to notify their managers.

Over time, the flag became a broader symbol. It is a reminder that near or far, members of the team form a support system for one another and their clients.

A New Tradition

To show their solidarity, a few A-Team members carry along their flag during their travels. The team shares photo ops with the flag when they return to the office.

“The A-Team Flags have become like Flat Stanley,” Krisher observes with a laugh, a bit bewildered. “It’s sweet that they take it out on their personal time. They’re thinking about us—though they shouldn’t be while they’re on PTO,” she adds. “But it’s nice that they’re taking the team with them on their adventures.”

In pictures, A-Team flags fly on the tops of mountains, wave in the depths of the sea, and appear everywhere in between.

Under the Sea

Stephen Kearns, Affordable Housing Team Leader, Client Services Department was the first to carry the flag to the ocean floor. During a dive in summer 2016, he planted the A-Team flag in the sands of Palancar Reef near Cozumel, Mexico.

When asked why he brought the A-Team flag along, he explains, “I wanted to make people back in the office jealous! Just kidding – well, partially.”

After deeper reflection, Kearns adds, “It’s refreshing to see that your teammates don’t necessarily forget about everyone and everything the moment they walk out the door at the end of the day. To share the moments and travels with your colleagues back in the office while you’re on vacay…I think it says something about the cohesion and personality of our team.”

The flag helps team members find common interests that they share outside of the office. Another A-Team member loved to dive as well and was inspired by her peer’s excursion.

Megan Wright, Account Executive, Affordable Housing, Sales came to Yardi as Megan O’Meara, fresh off the boat as a former sea captain. More than a year later, Yardi has become such an integral factor in her growth that she decided to carry the flag with her on her honeymoon to Palau.

“While at the Blue Corner dive site in Palau, known for its wild currents and pelagic creature sightings, I was surprised to see a cooperative turtle enjoying the underwater world,” recalls Wright. “I slowly approached, then gently placed the A-Team flag, like a lunar landing, into the reef sand.”

Though she enjoyed stepping back into the underwater world, she has found a new sense of happiness and accomplishment with Yardi. “I embrace the discovery of a new challenge which gives me an opportunity to learn and grow from the experience,” she says.

“It has been a joy getting to work with everyone at Yardi and we are all energetic, enthusiastic and willing to offer our clients the best possible service,” says Wright.

Above the Horizon

Jonathan Powell, Manager, Consulting Practices, brought the A-Team flag to the highest altitude so far.

“I started at Yardi when I lived back in Atlanta. Moving to Colorado was a goal of mine for over ten years. Working at Yardi was one of the big factors that enabled me to finally move west, so when I got here I had to plant the flag on something tall!” says Powell.

The day of the photo op was challenging but worth it. “For the picture, I hiked up Torrey’s in June 2017 with a group of friends from Yardi,” says Powell. “It was nearing the middle of summer, but at more than 14,000 feet we still had over a foot of snow and close to 50 mph winds when we got to the top.”

Though he has explored other horizons within Yardi, his A-Team roots remain strong. “A-team is a tribe. We are dedicated and supportive,” he summarizes. “The A-Team flag represents my roots at Yardi. I moved over to consulting practices almost two years ago, but I got my foundation and infusion of Yardi culture on the Affordable Team. The strong leadership and community in that department is a microcosm of Yardi as a whole. I’ll always fly the A-Team flag—you gotta know your roots!

A Winning Team

Wright summarizes how many A-Team members feel about the Affordable Housing family.  “Once I started working at Yardi, it felt like I had found the team I have always aspired to join. Sometimes on the sales teams, we are working remote or on the road. The A-Team flag is a visual representation and reminder to me that we are all in this together. Yeah, A-Team!”

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