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By on Aug 22, 2023 in News

Why are many leading real estate investment managers increasingly turning to the Yardi Investment Suite? Because this end-to-end solution delivers:

  • Efficiency through automation. Automation reduces double entry from timesheets and disparate data systems. It also enables investors to access reports and forms wherever and whenever they want. Automation factors into increasing portfolio size without adding staff. Yardi Investment Manager, an element of the suite, automates subscription agreements through e-signature, capital calls and distributions.

“The Investment Suite makes life easier for our real estate investment team, and thus our clients, by eliminating the need to integrate and validate data from multiple sources,”

says Joe Biddle, director of IT for Baltimore-based real estate investment manager ABR Capital Partners.

Another example of efficiency comes from Holladay Properties. The full-service commercial real estate firm in South Bend, Ind., saw a five-fold increase in its investor base in five years. Keeping pace with that growth required greater efficiency in every area of the company’s business – which the Yardi Investment Suite enabled. We not only succeeded in satisfying all client expectations. And we did it without needing additional staff,” notes Wills Gardner, Holladay’s director of capital planning.

  • Success through centralization. Centralizing all communication, transactions and opportunities on the Yardi Investment Suite platform also serves to simplify the investment lifecycle.

“We use Yardi Investment Manager to call capital, make distributions through waterfall promote structures and eliminate manual tracking of capital activity,”

says Scott McGinness, CFO, of Cohen Asset Management Inc., a Los Angeles-based private real estate investment company.

McGinness continued: “Our staff doesn’t have to spend time assembling information from disparate sources, then preparing and distributing it. They can direct their energies to more productive activities such as researching investment opportunities and strengthening client relationships.”

  • All information, when investors want it. When real estate investment clients ask for information, they don’t want to be kept waiting. Yardi Investment Manager enables immediate satisfaction with self-service access to current documents, reports and metrics through a branded portal. Once again, there are no more spreadsheets, manual tracking of activities or back-and-forth calls and emails. Investors gain confidence with errors eliminated and vital information easily accessed.

Our investors compliment us all the time on how easy it is to see distributions, ROI and asset operations in one place,”

shares Joe Anfuso, CFO of MG Properties Group.

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