Yardi in Dubai

By on Nov 1, 2013 in News

Yardi property management software is found both close to home and around the globe. You might guess that it helps manage the rent and residents for an apartment building on your street – or even one that you live in. But did you know that Yardi’s flagship system, Yardi Voyager, is also the software of choice for a ground-breaking shopping center in Abu Dhabi, Dubai?deerfields

This week, Deerfields Townsquare Shopping Centre in Al Bahia, a suburb of Abu Dhabi, announced that it has chosen Yardi for its leasing and CRM needs. The mall opened to great fanfare and excitement on Sept. 28.

“After an extensive review, we concluded that no other system offers a fully integrated solution like Yardi Voyager in a single application,” said Santosh Shetty, Finance Manager of Deerfields Townsquare Shopping Centre. “Partnering with Yardi will enable us to increase operational efficiency through all levels of our retail mall business, provide higher value client services, and allow us to focus on our growth forecast.”

Deerfields Townsquare Shopping Centre (above) is a significant new project for residents of the Al Bahia, Al Raha, Al Rahba, Shahama, and Khalifa neighborhoods in Abu Dhabi. It’s 180 stores, including a Carrefour, a French retailer that sells many types of food and goods and is similar to Wal-Mart, are likely to be extremely popular.

“Until now, the area’s retail offering has been limited to petrol station service shops and some small grocery and convenience stores,”  reported The National in an article about the project.

“Yardi is delighted that Deerfields Townsquare has selected Yardi Voyager as its retail shopping centre operations platform. This is an endorsement to our continued investment in the Middle East and intense focus on the needs of retail shopping centre developers, owners and managers and providing tools to deliver efficiency and greater effectiveness in their operations,” said Neal Gemassmer, Vice President for Yardi Systems, Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Read more about Deerfields Townsquare and Yardi in this press release. Curious about what it’s like to go shopping in Dubai? Check out more photos from Deerfields Townsquare’s Facebook page.