Wellness Initiatives

By on Feb 29, 2024 in News

Employee Appreciation Day is “officially” Friday, March 1, according to the bonus holiday arbiters, but celebrations can be anytime. Let’s explore some initiatives that promote employee well-being and contribute to a healthier, happier workplace at any office.

Mindfulness Practices. Employees can incorporate mindfulness techniques and practices into daily routines to reduce stress and enhance well-being. Mindfulness is about being aware and awake rather than operating unconsciously. Slowing down and paying attention to routine tasks helps be mindful in the workplace. Relaxation breaks are essential throughout the day to unplug from work. Be sure employees are taking breaks, which is beneficial for improved productivity.

Healthy Office Snacks. Encourage healthier diets in the workplace with nutritional and delicious snack options. Donuts are not a healthy breakfast option for employees, though it might be fun for National Donut Day. Instead, provide fresh fruit like apples and bananas and seasonal fruits like peaches or watermelon. Provide drinks that do not have chemicals in them, like high fructose corn syrup or aspartame. Avoid snacks with hydrogenated oils or artificial dyes. Offer a variety of protein bars, trail mixes, and beverages like Body Armor that replenish the body with electrolytes and essential minerals. Trader Joe’s has a wide selection of natural, healthy snacks at affordable prices. These healthy options give everyone more energy, resulting in better productivity than butter, sugar and neurotransmitter disruptors.  

Healthy Recipe Sharing. Foster a sense of community in the office by having everyone share their favorite healthy recipes. Not everyone will be on a keto diet or vegan, but that doesn’t mean employees can’t share healthy recipes. By sharing recipes, instead of just looking at recipes online, everyone can have first-hand knowledge of what works and what does not. After accumulating enough recipes, turn it into a recipe book that everyone in the office can have a copy of. In our case, we could call it “Yardi Eats Healthy.”

Fitness Challenges. Organize and document company-wide fitness challenges or initiatives, promoting physical activity and team participation. The Yardi Dubai office focuses on physical activity and team-building exercises throughout the year with their Yardi Sports Team. They have various sporting events throughout the year, such as cricket, beach volleyball and basketball. Fitness challenges allow the office to unite, strengthen relationships, and enhance teamwork. Adopt the concept of walking meetings. Get those steps in throughout the day at the office and combine work discussions with physical activity. Win, win!

Flexible Work Schedules. Many benefits of flexible work schedules or remote options contribute to a better work-life balance. Since the pandemic, many companies have adopted a hybrid work schedule, and most will attest that employee morale is much happier and more relaxed than before. There are also options for coworking and working in a new environment with like-minded individuals, giving many a better mind perspective.

Mental Health Support. Destigmatize seeking support for mental health and provide information about mental health resources that are available for employees. Mental health has been an issue since the beginning of time, but since the pandemic, mental health has resulted in enormous burdens. Complex topics such as mental illness are not discussed openly in most companies.

Company-sponsored wellness programs such as gym memberships, counseling services, or workshops will help employees better grip their mental health. Look into various apps that offer employer discounts, such as HeadSpace or Burnalong. Burnalong offers many workout classes, from Yoga and Pilates to strength training and cardio.

Gratitude. Expressing gratitude and letting employees know they are appreciated is one of the best ways to keep employees engaged and motivated. Make a gratitude wall and have everyone write what they are grateful for on an index card or post-it notes. A gratitude wall will express positive feelings and foster joy at work. The wall can go beyond just work-related culture. Its primary purpose is to encourage thankfulness and build deeper ties among coworkers. Practicing appreciation involves people and teaches us to be conscious of others, improving overall well-being. This is why a gratitude wall is a remarkable addition to the office to promote team culture and lift daily spirits.

We hope this helps promote a holistic approach to wellness and can contribute to a positive and supportive work environment beyond Employee Appreciation Week.