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By on Apr 29, 2024 in Senior Living

We love speaking with our clients to learn about their journey with the Yardi Senior Living Suite. Not only does it allow for evolving our solutions based on feedback, but it also offers the chance to share our clients’ experiences — and successes — with industry professionals.  

See Success In Action: Yardi Senior Living Clients

That brings us to our expansive library of client testimonials which includes quick, engaging video interviews. We’ve compiled three videos to share below, featuring positive experiences from leading operators Shannex Incorporated, Watercrest Senior Living and Vitality Living.

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See how Shannex boosts efficiency

With insights coming from Director Heidi Leavitt-Hornmoen, the Shannex Incorporated video shares how with help from Yardi, the organization is saving time, increasing efficiency and optimizing resident services like never before.

That’s because the Yardi Senior Living Suite allowed Shannex to eliminate manual workflows and centralize their data, streamlining operations and enabling staff to best serve their 5,000 residents.

“The time efficiencies we found were significant,” notes Heidi in the video. “We were able to reduce our [accounts payable] processes by 76%. We also found a 54% reduction in accounts receivable.”

Heidi also describes how since making the switch to Yardi, satisfaction among residents and families has increased. She notes how with RentCafe Senior Living Portal in particular, “the ability to send communication to every single contact that’s in our system was a big win.”  

Watch Heidi speak more to the power of Yardi senior living software.

Explore how Watercrest enhances care services  

Hearing from Principal & CFO Joanie Williams, the Watercrest Senior Living video covers the importance of integration — with Joanie noting how with Yardi software, “there’s huge value because everything talks to one another, everything’s integrated.”

Since swapping disparate systems with our single connected solution — designed for the unique needs of senior living — Watercrest has generated significant time savings which in turn, helps them devote more energy to resident care.

“The benefit is very significant to our residents,” shares Joanie in the video. She elaborates by explaining how when you remove the need to manually input data and build reports, you equip your teams to focus on helping residents.

Watch Joanie share more on the value of the Yardi Senior Living Suite.  

Learn how Vitality makes data-driven decisions

Featuring VP of Wellness Syndell Lawhon, the Vitality Living video focuses on the value of making data-driven decisions. For Vitality, using data to inform decisions is achievable with Yardi Senior IQ, our comprehensive business intelligence (BI) solution.

Since implementing a fully integrated BI solution, Vitality now captures impactful, community-specific insights at the click of a button. That includes insights regarding occupancy, falls and more. With that real-time data at their fingertips — presented in a visual format — Vitality teams can make decisions that improve resident care, staffing levels and revenue.

“With Yardi Senior IQ, you can get any kind of data slice any way you want,” says Syndell in the video.

By having actionable insights ready to go in one secure place, Vitality also saves time across their communities. Teams no longer need to hand-key data or sort through spreadsheets to find the necessary answers.

Watch Syndell offer more detail on success with Senior IQ.

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