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By on Feb 15, 2024 in Senior Living

Valentine’s Day sparked a season of caring for our senior living clients, who have been sharing sweet stories on their blogs and social media platforms. That inspired us to highlight the stories here on The Balance Sheet — we hope you enjoy!

Yardi senior living clients celebrate Valentine’s Day

From prepping homemade cards to sharing their favorite memories, residents across Pacifica Senior Living communities have participated in a variety of Valentine’s Day activities. One community even crowned a Valentine’s king and queen — a couple who has been married for 65 years! You can read all about it in Pacifica’s recent blog post (and see the lovely photos they’ve shared).

Next up is Watercrest Senior Living, who took to social media for sharing Valentine’s Day stories. Their endearing caption (featuring a wonderful message, “love knows no age at Watercrest”) was paired with photos of resident couples enjoying each other’s company, smiling at wedding photos and more. See the post to check out the photos — they’re bound to bring a smile to your face.

There was no shortage of caring events at Brightview Senior Living this month, including a sweethearts dance, a parade and a gathering featuring a Valentine’s-themed slideshow. Shared by Argentum, the events shed light on Brightview’s commitment to showing the power of love at any age. Dori Ray, corporate director of vibrant living at Brightview, said the following: “It is more than valuable, it is vital to show that love is alive. Emotional connections and companionship don’t change just because someone is considered ‘old.’ For those living in a senior community it is not their last chapter — just the next one.”

Also featured in Argentum’s article is Sagora Senior Living, who sparked happiness in their communities with a creative competition: naming a “Silver” Bachelor and Bachelorette! The competition was inspired by The Golden Bachelor show, which was well loved by Sagora residents. The organization’s 62 communities nominated residents for a chance to win and although it took place prior to Valentine’s Day, the competition was all above celebrating love. You can read more about it in Argentum’s article.  

Sagora did share a few social media posts for Valentine’s Day, too, showcasing resident couples who’ve recently celebrated an anniversary. Check out these beautiful photos of residents Rocky and Helen on Sagora’s LinkedIn — a couple who has been married for 75 years.

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