Investing in EHRs

By on Mar 13, 2023 in Senior Living

It’s no secret that technology use is growing exponentially. Tech solutions are transforming the way various industries operate — including senior living — from EHRs to business intelligence tools.

This ties into a recent Ziegler study, which examines 150 senior living organizations to learn how they’re using technology moving into 2023. With input gathered from CFOs, the study shares which solutions these organizations are implementing to meet today’s challenges.

Read on for a quick snapshot of the study’s findings:

Ziegler study reveals investments in EHRs

The study — Ziegler CFO Hotline — gathers survey responses from CFOs across senior living. Ziegler presented various technologies relevant to the industry, and respondents were asked to identify which they’ve invested in over the last 12 months. Interestingly, the responses show a return to priorities of years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the top investments revealed was electronic health records — with 54% of respondents claiming they’ve invested in EHRs in the past year. When asked what they planned to invest in for the next 12 months, 31% of respondents pointed to EHRs as well. It’s no surprise given the major benefits EHRs bring to senior living organizations such as easing staff burden, empowering caregivers, mitigating risk, eliminating manual data-entry and more. Read the Ziegler study to gain further insights.

Finding the EHR solution for you

We know the world of technology is vast. Senior living organizations are faced with solutions left and right, and it can be challenging to determine how one differs from the next. That’s why we’ve created several resources that delve into our own solution, Yardi EHR, to show what makes it unique.

At a glance, Yardi EHR is a full-service electronic health record solution that combines clinical intake processing, assessments, interoperability and more on a single platform. It uniquely houses everything you need to enhance resident care, integrating with systems like our electronic medication management solution, Yardi eMAR.

In terms of where to go if you’d like a closer look at Yardi EHR, we recommend watching our on-demand webinar. It’s a great start in our collection of resources — you’ll quickly learn what makes this solution a differentiator.

Investing in the future

The Ziegler study reveals many interesting findings in relation to senior living technology, so read the full resource to learn more. If you’d like to explore Yardi EHR after watching our webinar, we’d love to connect! Reach out to team Yardi to schedule a personalized demo.