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By on Feb 19, 2024 in Senior Living, Technology

Interoperable electronic health records (EHRs) provide immense value in senior living, especially when you’re utilizing an all-in-one solution like Yardi EHR. By offering every feature you need on a single platform — and channeling interoperability via verified interface partners — Yardi EHR provides more value than your average platform.

Read on to discover more about how interoperable EHRs work (and see what makes Yardi EHR stand out from the crowd).

What is interoperability?

Interoperability allows information systems to seamlessly exchange data with one another. In senior living, interoperable EHRs help you access real-time health information, save time, mitigate errors, support resident safety and more.

Are EHRs different from EMRs?

It’s important to recognize the distinction between EHRs and EMRs when discussing interoperability, so here’s a breakdown of the difference:

An electronic health record such as Yardi EHR is a digital record of a resident’s chart — plus much more — stored in a dynamic online platform. EHRs connect all aspects of care by allowing multiple providers to access real-time resident data, submit updates and communicate from anywhere.

An electronic medical record, on the other hand, is a digital record of a resident’s chart stored in a computer and accessible by a single provider.

What makes Yardi EHR an interoperable platform?

Yardi EHR is our single-stack solution that helps senior living operators deliver the best care, all from one secure platform. It unlocks the power of interoperability through a range of verified interface partners, meaning comprehensive data automatically flows to and from Yardi EHR in real time. Our support teams also actively monitor the platform, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

The system’s health interface partners include:

Kno2 — you can connect Yardi EHR to all outside providers, HIEs and health systems via Kno2, a health information platform that offers access to unlimited cloud faxing, direct secure messaging and referral networks. Depending on your license, additional features available may include Kno2-to-Kno2 messaging, online identify verification, Kno2 and national provider directories, message handling, unstructured document QC tools and more.

DS smart — you can instantly transfer EMR data (captured from supported equipment) to Yardi EHR through DS smart, a simplified connectivity solution built to capture, protect and connect resident information.

Additional health interfaces supported by Yardi EHR include a nurse call system, dietary management platform, infection control solution and more. Explore all Yardi EHR interface partners here.

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