Happiness In Senior Living

By on May 22, 2024 in Senior Living

It’s always a pleasure to spotlight stories from our wonderful senior living clients — we love sharing how they’re engaging residents, celebrating staff members and ultimately making a difference in their communities.

Explore happiness in senior living through stories from Yardi clients including Watercrest, Brookdale and more.

In that spirit, we’ve compiled a roundup of recent finds from our clients’ blogs and social media pages. We hope you enjoy!

Inspiring community art

Watercrest Senior Living recently shared an array of photos from their community art shows, which they describe as “a celebration of creativity and community.” We wholeheartedly agree after seeing the amazing creations! Watercrest makes it an event to remember by inviting residents, families, associates and even local schools to participate.

Explore the photos on their social media which showcase caricature drawings, hand-stitched blankets and more.

Honoring Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, an annual event held on April 22, Pacifica Senior Living brought residents together to create delightful art projects — all out of recycled materials! In addition to sharing photos from the arts and crafts session, Pacifica also posted pictures of residents giving their community gardens extra love and care.

Check out the photos Pacifica shared on LinkedIn.

Volunteering with care

As part of National Volunteer Awareness month, Maplewood Senior Living created a blog post highlighting volunteerism throughout their communities. The uplifting stories include residents volunteering — such as residents knitting baby clothes for mothers in need — to mentions of students and family members joining Maplewood for volunteer efforts. Thanks to those volunteering, residents are learning how to play musical instruments, write poetry and so much more.  

Read Maplewood’s blog post to see the stories of volunteer initiatives across their communities in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Ohio!

Celebrating 2024 Nurse’s Week

Did you know National Nurse’s Week occurs each year from May 6-12? Our clients love the opportunity to thank and recognize their care staff, so it’s no surprise to see them celebrate Nurse’s Week with pride.

Brightview Senior Living shared a social media post extending their appreciation for nurses, complete with a collage of charming photos of their staff. Sagora Senior Living did the same, posting a heartfelt thank you on LinkedIn directed at the nurses across their 64 communities.

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We appreciate our amazing clients for sharing all the above — there’s nothing better than seeing the inspiration and joy you spread in your communities.

If those reading have any questions on how we support our clients with dynamic senior living solutions, reach out to book time with us!