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By on Dec 30, 2022 in Senior Living

When exploring a software solution, you may wish to see testimonials from that vendor’s clients — those who can speak to benefits and results based on their own experience.     

At Yardi, we strive to capture these testimonials in various ways. Meeting with our clients to chat through their journey — and see how our solutions are helping them succeed — is our favorite thing. And a recent interview with one of our fantastic senior living clients is no exception.

We’re pleased to share pieces from our conversation with Kim Smart, director of systems and support at Anthology Senior Living, in our brand-new case study.

The case study covers Anthology’s success with the Yardi Senior Living Suite, featuring Smart’s firsthand experience implementing, customizing and using new tools (plus so much more). We encourage you to read the case study in full, but for now, enjoy the highlight below:

Meet Anthology Senior Living

Anthology Senior Living, CA Venture’s senior living platform, works to provide their residents with the best hospitality and care. The company develops, acquires and operates senior housing communities across the United States with options for independent living, assisted living and memory care. Anthology has a total of 37 communities in their portfolio, with growth on the horizon.

The challenge with antiquated processes

Prior to welcoming the Yardi Senior Living Suite, Anthology relied on manual processes. Not only were the processes time consuming, they also increased the risk of errors and led to miscommunication among teams.

With a range of communities to serve and rapid expansions underway, the company needed software built to streamline workflows, save time and reduce errors across the board. They searched for a solution that covered every need — software that combined resident care, sales, finance, business intelligence and more on a single platform. That led them to Yardi.

“We wanted to go with best in class, so Yardi is what we decided on,” shared Smart. 

Brighter days with a new solution

The Yardi Senior Living Suite is a secure, cloud-hosted, HIPAA and SOX compliant database that eliminates the gap between property management and clinical services. To help optimize their use of the software, Anthology turned to Smart — someone with extensive experience in systems analysis. Whether it be at the community or corporate level, Smart uses the Yardi Senior Living Suite to drive success.

To date, Anthology’s portfolio includes tools like Voyager Senior Housing, RentCafe Senior CRM, Yardi Senior IQ, Yardi EHR and more.

“Our jobs are easier when everything lives on one platform,” said Smart. “Streamlined processes and improved workflows have helped Anthology continue to grow with Yardi.”

Thriving with the Yardi Senior Living Suite

With Yardi’s single connected solution powering their communities, Anthology:

  • Eliminates 5 manual processes
  • Recovers 6 hours daily across teams
  • Saves 115,776 pieces of paper annually
  • Unlocks 1 support system

“Now, everyone goes to one place and the information is the same,” said Smart.

Get the case study

Want more insights from Anthology? Read the case study to learn all about their journey with Yardi. If you’d like more details on our single connected solution for senior living, start with our product webinars.