Pet-Friendly Work

By on Jul 1, 2018 in Coworking, News

Much ink has been spilled on the topic of Millennials and their influence on the modern workplace. This tech-savvy generation is willing to change tracks towards a more satisfying career path, and able to ride the rough waves of the gig economy. Millennials’ demand for a lively urban life is driving the revival of downtowns across the nation, and the development and expansion of a new office design plan: the coworking office.

To go with this new office concept, employers are further trying to entice workers with a series of office perks that address the preferences and values of this generation. Office listings platform COMMERCIALCafé looked at one of the most recent additions to the growing range of work benefits―the option of bringing your pet to work―and compiled a list of the 50+ most pet-friendly coworking hubs in the U.S. Peruse the list below and read on for more details about the pros and cons of bringing pets to the office.

The list is by no means comprehensive and remains open to suggestions. Among the venues that caught our attention is the whimsically named CO+HOOTS in Phoenix―recently acclaimed one of the most innovative coworking spaces in the U.S.―which invites visitors to meet the office dogs. Strongbox West in Atlanta―the city’s oldest coworking space―is not only a self-declared dog-friendly office, but a veritable ‘doggy daycare operation.’ The Box Jelly in Honolulu holds different events for owners and their pets, and they don’t shy away from welcoming unconventional companions.

If you’re considering adopting a pet-friendly policy in your office, it’s good to weigh both pros and cons. There are several benefits of spending your workday with your beloved furry friend. For one, you can stop worrying about its safety and hurrying out the door as soon as possible, driven by guilt. Secondly, employee stress and anxiety levels are also likely to decrease because of the additional exercise of walking and caring for four-legged companions. Then there’s the cool factor: social interactions around the watercooler will get much more exciting, with pets acting as the perfect ice-breaker and creating a relaxed atmosphere in the office.

Of course, animal companions in the office can also mean a whole new set of challenges and liabilities both landlords and coworkers must contend with. From allergies, sick pets and the possibility of contagion, to damages to office property and equipment―running a pet-friendly workplace is by no means simple. Check out more pros and cons in the infographic below, and visit COMMERCIALCafé blog.