On-Demand Data for Investors

By on Feb 24, 2023 in News

As investment funds become harder to secure for commercial real estate, transparency and communication have become more important than ever. Today’s investors want access to reports and investment metrics on demand, including on a mobile device at any time. If you’re not already delivering this level of self-service for investors, making that happen will go a long way to increase their confidence.

Standing out in an increasingly competitive marketplace to attract (and retain) investors requires ditching manual processes and outdated accounting methods — especially error-prone spreadsheets. Gone are the days of publishing information 45 or more days after a quarter to investors.  Investors expect access to their investment positions, reports and other key documents anytime – anywhere.  Investors are also asking for more detailed asset-level operating data in addition to investment data, putting more burden on your teams and their ability to respond to inquiries quickly.

Today’s investors want the numbers and what’s driving them, knowing that property operations impact cash flow and ultimately give rise to distributions and higher asset value. 

Navigating CRE financing trends

As CRE development is slowing down, investors and lenders are becoming more cautious, and securing financing for new deals is more challenging. In this economic climate, having the right technology to attract and retain investors is more important than ever. As CRE executives reflect on 2023:

In a recent (1/10/23) Commercial Property Executive survey, “Poll: CRE’s Biggest Challenges in 2023,”1 “Sixty percent [of commercial real estate professionals] identified that interest rates and capital availability as their primary business and dealmaking obstacle.”

In “The 2023 CRE Outlook: CEOs Weigh In”2 five CEOs agreed that the combination of economic, global and policy unknowns is having a pronounced effect on dealmaking.” Jonathan Martin, CEO of AEW Capital Management North America Division attested, “All of our clients are waiting for those adjustments to take place.”

Increasing Insight and communication

It comes down to insight and communication. A single connected technology platform enables analysis of investor, investment and property key metrics, effective communication with investors and efficiencies with fundraising processes.  

An integrated investor portal enables self-service for investors, with access to key data and reports. Key benefits of using a single connected solution with a built-in investor portal include:

  • Distributing reports automatically, including K-1 statements
  • Integrating the investor portal with accounting for speed and accuracy
  • Gaining greater visibility for internal stakeholders to answer investor questions quickly
  • Streamlining the subscription agreement process
  • Automating capital calls and distributions
  • Empowering internal stakeholders with data and financials at their fingertips

These capabilities drive investor confidence through the responsive online delivery of timely data. through a secure portal instead of email.

Learn more about how Yardi Investment Manager improves investor confidence and collaboration for all stakeholders through a single connected platform.

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