HUD Holidays

By on May 10, 2019 in Events, News

Who doesn’t enjoy back-to-back holidays, even if they are unknown outside of those who work on affordable housing?

The Yardi PHA and Affordable Housing teams in Santa Barbara are furthering the trend of personalized holidays this week. The subject of their celebration? HUD forms 50058 and 50059.

Forms 50058 and 50059 are often abbreviated to 58 and 59, which makes May 8th and 9th the appropriate calendar days to celebrate. But what are these forms anyway?

In a nutshell, 50058 and 50059 are forms used by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) uses to certify eligibility for housing assistance. And, since HUD is involved, they are quite complicated. So why celebrate them?

“Our 5/8 and 5/9 days are a chance to recognize the great work of our PHA and Affordable Housing teams. Sure, numbers from the form are a bit strange to celebrate. Nonetheless, it is a perfect chance to take a couple of days to have some fun,” said Gabrielle Van Horn, director of PHA support for Yardi.

Will 5/8 and 5/9 become reoccurring holidays? Check back next year to find out. In the meantime, take a moment to appreciate the resources created by PHAs and affordable housing providers in your community. What better way to celebrate?